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the first challenge i'll be attempting is the 'hunted' challenge. i take no responsibility for this challenge, however, i have added 1 or 2 little tweaks to make it more interesting. here are the rules -

you were kidnapped from your homestead one night. you wake up in the middle of the wilderness to a note from your kidnapper, explaining his scheme to hunt you for sport. you are the prey. evade the hunter for as long as possible, staying one step ahead.


you may start in any map you wish.

you must play this challenge on stalker mode, if you are to participate in this thread and compete against me or others.

you may NOT sleep in the same location more than once, or sleep in close proximity to your previous night's shelter. a skilled hunter will be stalking these locations, waiting to catch you off-guard.

you may NOT sleep for more than 3 hours a day. the hunter will be constantly on your tail.

you may NOT start fires in the open, or in chimneys during daylight. smoke stacks would give away your position.

you may keep survival caches to come back to later on. however, you must not travel back the same way you came. if you need to back-track, you must find a completely different route. these caches must be well hidden.

keep this question in your mind constantly - "if i were the hunter, how would i track my prey?"

based on the actions you're performing, constantly remind yourself that if you stop moving, fall behind, or leave an obvious trail, you're already dead.

if you fall behind, based on these rules, at all, you fail the challenge and must start over or give up.

OPTIONAL rules (just incase this isn't already challenging enough. i will not be playing with these rules.):

hard mode - you may NOT go inside of buildings. this includes the forest outlooks and mountaineers cabin. an experienced hunter would have buildings trapped.

you may only visit your survival caches under cover of night, blizzards, or fog. discretion is the name of the game.

i look forward to hearing your best runs. i encourage everyone who reads this to participate, it could be a lot of fun :)

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So I've made two goes at this.

My first run, don't laugh, was 8 hours. I started in mystery lake, got attacked by a wolf and got caught up in the carter hydro dam. With no bandages, haha

And my last run, just ended, was 18 hours, 30 min. Started in desolation point. Once again, ended by wolves. I am not at all used to nighttime traveling. But, I'm sure it will become easier with practice :P

Be sure to post your best runs, if you want to participate in this. It'd be a whole lot funner if I had some folks to be competing with :)

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Sounds like a "hunt for coffee & tea" challenge with a pretty big roleplaying aspect. I like the idea that it's finite, guess the longest survival time possible might be sth. around 20 days or so. Interesting idea, why not... I'll give it a try if I find the time this weekend. :)

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Had a lot of fun playing this challenge, thanks for posting it! :)

I played the hard mode rules (well, I crossed the dam to get from PV to ML, but I consider this to be an exception and hope it doesn't disqualify me. Looted nothing inside ofc.)

To make things a bit more realistic, I also avoided to light torches during clear, starry nights and only lit campfires at night during fogs, blizzards or in the very back of a cave/the plane wreck. Pretty sure the glow of your campfire or torch at night is nothing you want your pursuers to see.^^

This challenge was also a great occasion for me to do some roleplaying and test the new diary function. I'll simply post my diary entries (as well as my death screen) here just in case someone finds it fun to read. For roleplaying reasons I considered all wolves to be blood hounds that helped my kidnappers chasing me.

Ok, so here's my diary entries. Please note that the last one is a screenshot. ;)

Day 1

I somehow managed to escape my captors who had held me hostage inside some remote cave near Deer Clearing in Timberwolf Mountain during the last few days.

Late in the evening I ran away from my prison as fast as I could, desperately trying to gain some lead over those bandits and their bloodhounds.

I already heard vicious barking in the distance and started to panic when I suddenly realized a nearby mountaineer's rope that I could climb up. I hope this maneuver will slow down my pursuers a bit. They'll have a hell of a time to get the dogs up there for sure.

I noticed a crashed plane on top of a nearby mountain summit. Seems to be from Grizzly Airlines, one of the biggest cargo transportation companies I know.

I'll try to reach that plane wreck no matter the cost. It's bitterly cold in Timberwolf mountain and I don't stand a chance to survive unless I somehow manage to find some warm winter clothes and a bit of food...

Day 2:

I reached the plane wreck exhausted and freezing right in the middle of the night. The climbing trip was incredibly demanding, but the reward was better than everything I had dared to hope for.

I found a whole set of premium quality clothes, enough food for at least a weak, some coffee & herbal tea and some medicine inside the plane's tail section. Two cargo containers even contained tools, a hunting rifle and 30 rounds ammunition.

As I was freezing and feared to get frostbite or hypothermia, I had no choice but to light a fire and boil some hot coffee inside the back part of the plane wreck. I'm afraid that my pursuers might have seen the light of my fire on top of the mountain as it was a clear, starry night, but fortune smiled upon me and they failed to reach the summit in time. Bloodhounds make poor mountaineers obviously.

After I had warmed up a bit, I immediately left the summit, took a short nap inside the cave that leads to the echo ravine, looted another cargo container with coffee and finally reached the Crystal lake.

An abandonned stone cabin at the border of the lake tempted me to enter and loot it, but I decided to keep my distance and sneak past it instead. I just can't risk to run into my captors accidentally.

Day 3

I spent the whole night and the next day in Pleasant Valley, trying to shake off my pursuers with a daring zigzag course between the numerous natural caves of the vale.

I saw various different buildings in the distance, but didn't dare to appoach let alone enter them. I can't tell whether my kidnappers have bribed the local people to capture me, hence my best chance to survive this nightmare is probably to avoid every contact with human beings alltogether.

Travelling at night proved to be extremely difficult, both because of the low temperatures and my fear to light a torch during a star-bright night. If only some fog or blizzard helped me cover my tracks...

I'm starting to feel exhausted more and more often and only my waning coffee reserves keep me going.

As I'm writing this I squat beside a fire in the Winding River cave system. I desperately need to take a short nap now. I'm horribly afraid to run into a trap from my pursuers inside Carter Hydro Dam, but I have no choice but to cross this building.

Day 4

My premonition was right - the bandits left one of their rabid bloodhounds inside the dam and the beast attacked me as soon as I entered the dam's upper basement. I was able to shoot it with my rifle, but the loud sound has probably alarmed my pursuers. I thus left the dam as fast as I could and didn't stop running until I reached Alan's cave.

As horrible as the morning had started, things even got worse during the day. A blizzard took me by surprise when I tried to sneak past Mystery lake and my fear to hide inside the lake cabins forced me to seek shelter in Dave's quiet clearing. By the time I reached this cave I was freezing horribly. Haven't felt my toes ever since then. I'm horribly afraid to suffer from frostbite, but I'm too scared to even take of my boots and have a look.

My pursuers obviously caught up to me and seem to be right behind me now. The number of dog attacks has increased considerably and I was forced to shoot three of them in self-defense. I bet my pursuers celebrated every shot that revealed my current position. After realizing that things didn't get better at all this way, I finally threw away my rifle.

I'm also out of coffee and feel horribly tired. Doubt that I can make it much longer as I don't dare to rest any more at all - my pursuers are simply to close behind me.



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im glad youre enjoying the challenge, Scyzara :)

i look forward to hearing more, if you decide to attempt this challenge again, and I'm really loving your journal entries. its nice to see someone else get into the roleplaying as much as i do :P

I'm giving it another attempt this evening. hopefully it goes better than my first two attempts, I'm horrible at traveling at night haha :P

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just a bump

i still haven't gotten a chance to attempt this again, but as soon as i do i will be doing it :) I'm having trouble with bugs and lost saves, playing an out-dated version.

until then, anyone new reading this feel free to attempt this challenge yourself, be sure to post your best runs :)

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