Weapon/Ammo Condition Reduces Damage?

Alexandre Lange

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The lower the rifle's condition the greater chance that you'll have a misfire (bullet doesn't fire correctly). So you waste a bullet and don't shoot whatever you were aiming at. As madrepityu pointed out the lower the weapon's condition the greater the likelihood of a misfire occurring. If your rifle ever degrades to 0% condition it becomes ruined and can no longer be repaired or used.

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I had a malfunction with my rifle in the latest version (two days ago) at 27% durability, my "misfired" bullet was next to me in the snow.

Reading the forums i realise this might sound weird, but it did made sense to me before, yet now i am

starting to think this is a glitch?

I was aiming at a wolf who did not notice me yet and was feasting on a deer corpse, i shot him straight between the eyes from about 7 meters distance, the wolf got scared and ran off, yet i didn't hit him, it did make the blasting sound, i can't recall if smoke left the barrel but in the 60 seconds i was pondering to myself how it came i had a "misfire" at 27% condition i noticed my bullet was sitting next to me in the snow, i must mention that this was in the middle of nowhere and i had certainly not dropped a bullet there by accident earlier, nor was it a place where any items besides sticks and branches would ever spawn.

Glitch, or ... did people who had a malfunction with their rifle not notice their round did not dissapear nor did it exit the barrel shooting in a different direction but simply exit the chamber?

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There is no damage. Ranged weapons either "succeed" and cause a critical hit that kills instantly or "fail" and start a very predictable bleed out timer. Chance to critical and time to bleed are unaffected by number of shots already landed.

There is also no misfire. There is a loading failure. Poor condition weapons may fail to load their rounds properly, causing a jam. Jammed rounds can be ejected and the next round loaded with the reload key. Jammed rounds so ejected fling onto the ground and can be recovered and reused without penalty.

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