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1. Lay of the wolves! Seriously, can we reduce their spawn rate by like 25 to 50%? In one run I literally saw no wildlife but wolves and I was out of bullets.

2. More ammo! I'm not even talking about bullets, really, though that would seriously be appreciated. Make saplings respawn or something so crafting arrows is a better option.

3. More weapon options. If the number of wolves is not reduced or the ammo issue not addressed, we need more diversity in how to fight wolves. How is a hatchet not a weapon? I'd certainly like to introduce Fluffy to the sharp end.

4. Balance the fish weight. Some of those seem rather heavy for the calories they provide.

5. Better torches. Guys, this is a rag soaked in petroleum, wrapped around a piece of wood that's been dipped in the same thing. A blizzard will put it out, sure, but a stiff breeze really shouldn't.

6. Less pathetic characters. Running through the snow is hard, but stamina drains far too quickly and before you know it you're exhausted. You should be able to get through a day without the need for an afternoon nap.

7. Some way to increase max carry weight. I'm not looking for much here, but I'm sick of being encumbered nearly constantly.

8. A flashlight, for all that is holy, a flashlight! Seriously, we need something that can actually focus light in the distance, rather than in a tiny circle around us.

9. Sandbox settings. I've seen a few other people already ask for this, but I thought I'd mention it again all the same.

I've quite enjoyed the game so far, but it certainly still has some issues and the longer you deal with those the more annoying they become.


10. Maybe get a less annoying text editor for the site.

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Welcome to the forums :) You have some decent suggestions, but I think you need to keep in mind that this game tries to be a bit more realistic than most. (OK, except for the wolves!)

Ammo--yes there are lots of wolves, but you don't need to shoot every wolf you see.. that's the only way I could see running out of bullets...

I believe its the general consensus that electronics are no longer working due to the storm that caused the events in the game-- so flashlights are out.

Maximum weight is pretty realistic as it is. Part of the game is knowing what to take and what to leave.. and/or planning to come back for it.

Similarly, stamina and fatigue are fairly balanced. The characters are normal people, not Gordon Freeman. I think there is still some balancing going on, but I wouldn't expect major changes.

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Welcome fellow newbie!

Looks like you're coming to this game from a background of combat - heavy RPG or FPS. TLD is a survival story with strong realism. The character intentionally has average endurance and strength. You're not supposed to carry everything you find; you're not supposed to sprint everywhere; you're not supposed to fight every animal you see.

I wonder if you started on Stalker difficulty out of the gate? That would explain the wolf frequency you lament.

Hatchet does work as a weapon when a wolf attacks you. It's in the lower left corner giving you a bonus to attack. Hunting knife is stronger bonus and would override. I'm guessing you want to hold the hatchet and strike before the wolf struggle, but the wolf has no incentive to stay back at swinging range. Melee range is his teeth at your throat and he's going to tackle because that's every fight between wild creatures. It's almost always better to avoid a wolf than risk a struggle.

Keep at it. Learn the maps and spawns. Practice your archery. You'll make a wolfskin coat yet.

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Yes, you do not need to kill every wolf you meet, its not a hunting simulator. Most wolves can be avoided, from some you can simply run away. And those that do "lock on" are easily dispatched with a knife in melee, wolves used to be a lot deadlier. Considering that theres like 100% chance that after that encounter they bleed to death, there is also no issues with food.

And ideas of making renewable source of arrows, even if they are of low quality has been proposed repeatedly. But developers seem to think that while protagonist is capable making completely good arrows from saplings, hes incapable of making ones from sticks with stone of metal tips made from tin cans.

And there is no "general consensus" about electronics. Nobody knows anything, devs gave general guideline about some undetermined event and thats it. What it could be is any1s best guess.

Weight is nowhere to close to realistic. Player is an anorexic, who can barely lift his feet. Hikers can easily carry with them up to 50kg of stuff in backpack, plus clothes, plus weapons and tools. In game put on some clothes on, take on rifle, a few cans of food and youre full already.

Same with stamina and fatigue. Longer player survives, more resilient he should become. Especially on protein -rich meat diet.

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50 kg = 110 lbs. Most hikers certainly do not carry that much. And if they do it, they suffer and probably do not finish the trip--as that is way too much.

Even 30 kg would be considered a heavy pack for a hiking trip, but in TLD, that weight includes clothes and tools (rifle etc). So it is decently realistic.

In TLD, it's part of the game. Choose what you need to take based on what you're doing that day.

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I concur. 50 kg is far to much for a normal person to carry. Especially in deep snow while running. 20 kg plus clothes and what's in your hands (so 30 kg total) is much more realistic. Also, you may be getting stronger on that protein rich diet... but you're losing a lot of fat and vitamins if you just eat lean meat. On the whole it probably balances out.

As for flashlights there shouldn't be any reason for them not to work. They're not really electronic since they don't contain circuitry. Unless the laws of physics changed with the anomaly the chemical reaction in the batteries will still provide power and you can still get a bulb to work. Perhaps this is why car batteries are a different colour than the engine when you inspect a vehicle? I've been wondering for a while now if they'll be harvestable for light/fire starting in the single player campaign.

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Guys, thanks for the replies. Granted, my gripe with rifle ammo did have something to do with my inexperience and over-hunting the area somewhat. That was my bad.

About the carry weight: Like I said, I'm not asking for a 20KG increase here. That wouldn't make sense, given the environment. However, give us some way to deal with it more effectively. For example: Why can't we make a sled or something? This is apparently a guy/girl who can make freaking deerskin boots without too much trouble, so the sled really shouldn't be a problem.

Want to balance that out? Fine, don't let us sprint while we're pulling the sled. More efficient distribution of weight versus the inability to run away when a wolf inevitably materializes out of of the aether.

Realism. I'm not sure most people who use this as an argument realize how funny this is. Guys, when you include an electromagnetic anomaly you've already kind of kneecapped yourself when it comes to realism. They could just as easily have said "Your plane crashed because -insert one of numerous plane crash reasons here- and you lost your phone." Bam! Same situation, less nonsense. Granted, maybe they'll do something with it in story mode.

However, the realism argument also completely falls apart when it comes to arrows. The solution there is absolutely batshit crazy. Forging arrow heads? Are you serious? So you have a mold and something to properly melt it in and...oh...no? Guys, that's not how this works. We can't just smash a rock or something? No, okay then.

The game's rules have less to do with realism and more with "Because the devs said so", so let's call it what it is.

Oh, speaking of arrows, why not have multiple kinds? Keep the ones from the saplings as the best and most durable ones, but give us the option to whittle inferior ones from all the firewood laying around?

As for the flashlight, someone already mentioned this, but indeed it should not have been affected unless physics itself was altered rather drastically. As far as I'm concerned it doesn't even have to be a battery powered one. How about a crank flashlight or something?

Finally, a question. Are your stats at all affected by what you actually do? It seems I get just as tired from sitting in my cabin, calmly making a wolfskin coat as I do from blundering through the snow, desperately fleeing from wolves.

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If 50kg is 2 much, then why do they make 50+ l backpacks ?

Player may not be able to climb cliffs in Timberwolf Mountains, but carrying it around is quite doable, without counting clothes and tools.

Also, where to hell have you ppl seen deep snow in TLD ? Even if that would the case, with temperatures and weather outside that snow would have an extremely thick crust on it, beign able to carry bear, not just a man with a backpack.

Vitamin loss is not instant and foods like rose berries or canned peaches providing quite sufficient supply of essential ones. And fat is also hardly an issue, with sufficient amount of food available.

The longer protagonist survives, the more fit he should become, being able to carry more, walk/run longer, etc Given that he gets sufficient amount of nutrients.

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I dunno......While I would appreciate a system of progression, it runs the risk of making the game a bit too easy if the growth happens too quickly. Very slow progression could add to the challenge, though. The game is designed to make longterm survival hard, so knowing you'll get a tiny bit stronger and faster could motivate the player to be just a bit more cautious.

There probably is 'deep' snow in some places, but the fact that neither bears nor the player sink into that should probably be blamed on the engine or deep snow being a future feature...I kind of hope not, as navigating is already a pain in the ass, but it might be a nice addition for higher difficulty.

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The Stamina is actually not so difficult to handle. You can easily WALK from Timberwolf Mountain to the Pleasant Vally Farmstead within half a day and with only half of your stamina beeing used (and 40kg in your backpack). But RUNNING always drains your stamina like hell.

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