Get into the frozen corpses of deers


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Just an idea

It has happened me while i play that i dont have tinder to set a fire on my backpack

and suddenly a winter storm appears and it gets so hard to look for tinder

specially when i have not find the hatchet yet

Prerequisite to use the corpse as a temporal (with more warmth bonus) bedroll

would be to make it empty, with no guts and meat.

maybe we could use the deer/bear corpses with a maximum 50% frozen to use them as a temporal


other idea is to get tinder from certain bushes as well , maybe some type of grass (not the cat tail head that can only be found on rivers)

(english is not my main lenguage)

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"And I thought they smelled bad on the outside.." Han Solo

I'm not really sure that climbing into a dead animal would actually work that well as a survival strategy. For one thing, you will get wet with blood and other substances. Wet is bad. Think about how great you would smell for the wolves when you climb out in the morning haha :D

I do like your idea for gathering dried grass as tinder. But, grass is currently so common that the existing tinder bundles would no longer be worth making.

Tinder is usually quite easy to find and stockpile-- all those newspapers...

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Realistically, climbing into a frozen carcass isnt practical, for a host of reasons. Foremost, the carcass of a deer is far too small. Second, if its frozen on the outside, its frozen on the inside. You would expend a LOT of energy making a hole to get into. Third, if its been scavenged, theres little left in the way of shelter.

You'd be better off simply digging a hole, to get out of the wind, and build a small fire.

For the record, Hugh Glass (the movie Revenant being about him) never crawled into the carcass of anything, to my knowledge. I certainly do remember him doing that in the books about him. Its simply not a viable survival option.

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