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Just something I thought about is the idea of being able to make different area heads.

Since you can only make arrowheads in a forge now, I thought about ways to improve it a little with the addition of three different arrows you can make without a forge.

Wood Arrows - The simplest arrows to make but also the weakest, only able to kill rabbits with a well aimed shot. It's simply just a wooden stick, sharpened to a point with some crow feathers.

Bone Arrows - This would require having acquired a new resource "bones" from animals, they can be shaped into bone arrowheads at a work bench providing you have a knife on hand. They inflict enough damage to kill a Deer or a Wolf with a well aimed shot.

Composite Arrows - These arrows are found and cannot be crafted but the arrowheads can be harvested from them. They use composite manufactured materials and can be found either individually or a small quiver.

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