Rifle disappeared when dropped :-(


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Day 39:

The past week has been exciting to say the least. Note to self, bears can take a lot of shots... FML! I'm gonna get that big guy one of these days!

After exploring the many regions I decided to take an "easy bear." That was a mistake... Actually no, that was an exciting endeavor which was much fun! Having to carefully get my ass back to my main camp at the Camp Office to repair my naturally harvested and crafted clothes. The huge bummer was that while I was spending the past few days hunting I decided to leave my rifle at the main camp to carry more hide, guts and meat... Yup, right after dropping the rifle, in the corner of the Camp Office next to the front door, it was not to be found on the ground, leaning on the wall nor outside of the building. It straight up disappeared! I am really bummed.

That would be really cool to figure out why this happened so it doesn't happen to anyone else.

This game is so cool I am confident it will only be a minor glitch which will pass and be forgotten in the dust of time. And maybe there will be a *miracle* and my rifle will reappear fully loaded and 97% clean like it was when it fatefully dove into the depths of the nether ;;;-)))

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I had it happen on Coastal Highway out on the ice once. I was about halfway between the Fishing Huts and Jackrabbit Island, got too close to a wolf and he attacked. I won the battle with the wolf but my rifle was missing.

I looked everywhere and even scanned the area with my white dot hoping it would show but no luck.

To this very day that rifles out there somewhere. LOL

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I had this happen at Desolation Point - left my rifle in the whale plant because I wanted to try out my new bow-and-arrow, and when I came back the rifle was vanished.

HOWEVER: it hadn't vanished, it had just gone invisible. A couple of days later I accidentally "found" it by just walking over the place where I'd dropped it, and the pick-up-item text appeared. I was then able to pick it up.

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