Critical building missing! Outhouse!


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I noticed this. Logger trainers have port-a-potty type buildings but most cabins have no bathroom. Create an out-house and plop it at each dwelling area You don't even have to make it something that the player can enter, just make it a 'container' they can search (and I guess put stuff in if they really want to)

Inside of building or container you can find:

#1 - almost always....TINDER ROLL! Basically it's the tube of TP with a few sheeets left on it.

#2 - newspaper an newspaper roll - maybe they were there for reading material, or as 'make do-TP'

#3 - books! - same as above.

p.s. why are there both newspaper and newspaper roll in this game? I would suggest changing newspaper to 'papers' - could be newspapers, letters, junk mail, old tax returns, who cares it burns!

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I have seen the port-a-potties, and maybe 1 outhouse? But they sure aren't found on a regular basis...and I don't call finding any bathrooms in any cabins....

If they are going to have pots and pans on the stove, pictures on the wall, etc, then adding an outhouse is a simple way to make things feel right IMHO.

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for the record, I am quite alright with skipping these sort of 'health functions' for gameplay reasons. I don't think having to take time for potty breaks would add much to the game, especially considering that you could essentially use any outdoor location as a toilet.

That being said, I think having outhouse buildings makes sense, and would be an appropriate scavenging location for certain resources as mentioned above. A common issue with outhouses in winter, however, is that they are frequently snowed shut (depending on whether they open out or in) and could require time to clear the snow to open the door.

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The cabin between the Lookout and Trappers Cabin on ML map has an outhouse, and I believe I even found a roll of newsprint in it if I'm not mistaken.

I saw 1 more outhouse as well but can't remember where, and yes, I'm fine with skipping the "health functions" as well.

Reminds me too much of my childhood in Wyoming when it was 40 below trying to take a pee.....

Nothing worse than 6 inches of clothing ........ and 3 inches of pe*ker... LOL

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