[updated] .302 TM plane, cargos disappearing after a while.


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Stalker mode.

I noticed that with time being, 2 cargo containers start slowly disappear.

The one in the back on the left, that has matches etc... on the first visit, everything was ok, on the 2nd one container was there, but doors was not and i actually can sort of jump in inside. By walking around it and sort of looking with my mice, i still could find some spots that actually let me open it. Still i left it untouched.

When i came back for the 3rd time, i can not find any spot that says LOCKED, it other words, i lost both sections, one as i mentioned has matches etc, another i dont know what it has.

same thing with the very front cargo which is on the right, closest to the signal gun. On the 1st visit everything was fine how it supposed to be. On the 2nd visit cargo box itself was there but doors was not, however i went under-neath where the frozen corpse is, and both cargo doors/sections were there :) 3rd time i visited summit it was still there. I'm planning to visit it 4th time, i have a feeling it might disappear as well. It seems its sinking or something. However the one with matches from the end section of the tail, was not there underneath the plane.

I'll post screenshots later.


1st visit around day 22.

4th visit. day 39.

Here is matches container... as can be seen, no doors left, no way to loot it. On 1st and 2nd visit i was still able to loot it.


Here is cargo pants etc container, as can be seen, no doors left. on first 3 trips was able to loot it, even though on last trip only way to loot it from underneath.


Here is were i was able at least to loot cargo pants container, were the bow dot is, but on this 4th visit, doors were gone.


Spoke with another player, he said he is having similar issues.

edit2: it actually happened on my two previous runs. this is the 3rd run.

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I never had this problem in Pilgrim because I looted the entire Tail Section at once and hauled it all back to the Mountaineering Hut. Not all in a single haul of course, but with staged loads of around 40kg each. Took a couple of game weeks but I am well-prepped for outdoor sleeping, and the places to rest at even in crap weather are well-placed for the task.

However, the Hut is now so crowded with stuff it's laughable :D Not one unused square centimeter on the Work Bench, and all beds and most of the floor also covered. All storage stuffed full. After a while, Pilgrim becomes more an everyday lifestyle than a survival experience.

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I'm having the same issue. When I first found the tail section (I think 3 days ago), the second cargo container pictured was whole and normal. After a few visits, it become somewhat compressed, the doors sinking in, but still accessible. Now it is totally inaccessible and I'm a bit sad because I left a few items in there. The first cargo container pictured is still whole, however.

Only posting because it's been a bit since the update and they disappeared gradually, at different IRL times than other players.

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