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  1. I'll try that click strategy next time, but I am telling you that lowering the framerate was absolutely necessary in my case.
  2. Got a solution from support on this for anyone else with this issue. I had to lower the framerate/quality of the display to get it to recognize all the clicks. It was still pretty difficult to fill up the struggle bar even at the lowest quality settings, but possible.
  3. Same problem here, both using my trackpad and a USB mouse. No matter how fast I click it doesn't advance the bar more than a smidge. I'm running on Mac if that's relevant.
  4. This happened a couple days ago and I forgot to report it at the time. I was cleaning a rifle, repeatedly. When I was about to bring it up to 96%, the cleaning just...wouldn't stop. I couldn't cancel it or quit the game normally. The cleaning continued for two game hours before I finally just force quit the game and reloaded. When I cleaned the rifle again, everything went fine, so at least it's not a repeating issue.
  5. I think a day or two in game time between each level of sinking for my experience.
  6. I'm having the same issue. When I first found the tail section (I think 3 days ago), the second cargo container pictured was whole and normal. After a few visits, it become somewhat compressed, the doors sinking in, but still accessible. Now it is totally inaccessible and I'm a bit sad because I left a few items in there. The first cargo container pictured is still whole, however. Only posting because it's been a bit since the update and they disappeared gradually, at different IRL times than other players.
  7. Just want to give feedback that the achievement dropped for me with new meats that I harvested after the update.
  8. Yeah, I thought it was probably due to the dug, since I've also read you need bear hides to repair the bedroll (one of my bears got away from me, so I never got to make the bedroll). Seems likely the intention was for you to have access to more than just four bear hides, although long respawn times make sense. Might have to try a new game, see if I can find anything out.
  9. Anybody have any feedback on whether/when the bears respawn? All four of mine were killed before the update (two over 150 days ago). I've played 50 days since the update and still no bears have respawned. I'm curious if they won't until I restart the game, because being killed before the update won't trigger a respawn timer. I'm on pilgrim mode, if it matters.
  10. I am having a similar problem. It's happening twice since the update that my mouse has become unresponsive to clicks. Both times it has occurred soon after entering the PV farmhouse, so it hasn't been a big deal to quit the game externally and restart at the most recent save state. It also caused an odd bug where trying to open a cabinet caused the click to trigger the animation, though not to open the cabinet menu. Therefore, the cabinet opening occurred repeatedly so that it swung open further than it should (ostensibly because the menu failed to open, and the menu was therefore unable to close, therefore not triggering the cabinet door swinging shut). This appeared to be the only mouse click the game responded to; other in game items did not respond.
  11. Using play data from the previous update. The bug happening when placing the snare does not happen all the time. Placing it further away from the corpse seems to help, but it still sometimes moves some distance to end up back on top of it.
  12. Not sure if I did something wrong, or if the achievement is bugged. Spent 30 days eating only rabbit meat, deer meat, bear meat and a cat tail stalk and drinking only water. All of these were harvested and cooked before the update dropped; maybe this made them not count?
  13. I've had some weird issues with rabbit snares. I'd collected a bunch of guts and reclaimed wood and went down to the workbench to make some snares. I had 21 of each (guts and reclaimed wood). I chose my quality tools to speed up the process. However, I only ended up making 11 snares before it told me I was out of components. I didn't have any more guts or reclaimed wood in my possession. It seems that making a snare takes one more of each component than it should. Then, in placing the snares, I've had bugs. Twice now I've gone and harvested meat from rabbits, picked up the snare, and reset it somewhere nearby (though not right on top of the rabbit). About 10-15 hours later, I've come back out to find the snare back on top of the same rabbit's frozen corpse, again triggered. Thanks.