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  1. I have a feeling that on interloper there are no hammer in FM, same as DP... but i might be wrong, its just that in multiple runs there, i have not found any.
  2. @ Trox, its impossible to have bearskin bedroll, due to a fact that there is no hammer in FM (i think bedroll needs knife or hatchet to make). Also to kill a bear need quite time to acquire bow, and then cure things. It is literally GTFO map, spawn and get out. No lense, no hammer, still not sure if bedroll spawns, and maximum 24 matches, usually 12. So thats literally 4-8 days of survival at MAX... in those 4-8 days basically impossible to get things done, apart for barely surviving.
  3. As been said, its actually easier trip from trappers or camp office to FM forge, than from CH gas station, misanthropes or jackrabbits to DP. Once in FM, all you have to do is keep left by the wall and good to go, because usually only one wolf, max two wolves on a way to forge, not counting wolves around the forge. Also two caves on a way to forge so can easily sleep over. I'm at day ~240 on interloper (old save so f'ed about new clothing system), and only have clothing at ~18c, and never had problems sleeping in FM caves with simple bedroll without fire, and i did spent good 10 days there. But overall it is a demanding map, and to stay there is literally for challenge purposes. Best challenge is to start there and never leave.
  4. Ok, so it is possible to get a bedroll spawn, but its very rare. It would increase survivalbility a bit, but not much, since hammer and matches are also important. Snow shelters... dont forget you need cloth to make one, i think its 3 or 5 or whatever, and this map does not have much clothing, which means i would have to harvest all my clothing. Also the pre-build shelter always spawns, but to fix it, it also needs some cloth, the one i found was at 74%, and it required one cloth and sticks to repair. I guess maybe if its in 80+ then only sticks are needed to repair. Overall, during the bad weather would need a fire to sleep in shelter, and wont be able to have one because blizzard would blow it out. But i will try to play around with shelter spawns, some spawn at 99% and what not. Thanks for input. Its a bit strange that only one answer.. i guess for many people this kind of challenge is too much, and if someone dears it, only survives for a day or two and have nothing smart to share
  5. So started a mini challenge to stay in FM only. Pretty rough, so far survived 4 days and some hours. Curing two hides and skin of a dear in a near by cave, have some coal, hacksaw, ~20 matches, lantern, and staying at farmstead. Biggest issue is not having bedroll, therefore can not wander much from the farmstead. 2nd biggest problem will be matches. Any tips, personal experiences? Also what is your record of days survived for this map only challenge?
  6. only one bunker, the one close to the rope to TMW. what you have to do is know the maps and travel from spot to spot... from house to house or cave/mine. If you have a lot of fuel, can use lantern, it gives +5c boost.
  7. 200 days 4 hours and 72% world explored and then 200 days 18 hours... 95% of world explored?
  8. With Hurricane Matthew going on and your breaking record cold temp, i have a new idea... will go hunt for the coldest blizzard in TMW and PV
  9. wtf?! what map is it, difficulty and days survived?
  10. Nope. I used to micromanage everything, like if i'm ready to survive for 10 000 days which is pointless. Of course i still micromanage fires, a bit of clothing repairs, but as far as calories, i'm not kidding, in my long dark world, this run is the most careless as far as calorie intake goes lol. Literally, 750 calorie eating before sleep only needed if character is at 60-70% condition (depending on the bed). Most of the time im at high 70's to mid 80s % condition before sleep. So i could of saved quite some calories by being ON point, the average would of been probably below 1000cal/day. Warmy walk...
  11. I'm prettyyyy cheap Day 205, and last fire probably started 10-15 days ago, and i still have ~10k calories of cooked food, and 40l of water. At day 100 it was 18 fires started. I'm kind of constant, fire every 5-6th day. If i would start more of a hibernation game, i would start probably less, because now i been traveling and what not, so there were more occasions of the need of fire. As far as food, this run i actually did not do micromanagment of calories, for example if at night i'm at 78-85% i still would eat 750-900 calories, even though i could eat only 450-550.. but like i said this run i did not care THAT much.
  12. Can't recall when was a last time i steered the dear to wolves, so plenty of deer. I do not snare rabbits, so plenty of them. I killed a bear at like 150, and it did not re-spawned, so maybe thats intended. The temps in MY OPINION, reached the limit at day 50 or so.
  13. in twm, even meat that you carry on you decays veryyyy slowly.
  14. ~590 online + around 50 offline. Voted 200 because it was only choice.