Remove "dead space" from the ravine


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I wish the ravine would be a complete map where you can climb down to the bottom(currently you just die when you try to climb down even if you did not hurt yourself in the process), even if I'm stuck down there it would add another experience when you slowly starve to death because you're caught...

The feeling when you realize you did something stupid is just great.

Maybe add one of these stones, so when you bring a climbing rope you can tie it to the stone and get out after, maybe add a cave system so you can get to somewhere, but the cave can only be accessed from the ravine side...

Maybe block he cave entrance with a few boxes which fell down from the derailed train, so you first have to destroy those boxes to make it less easy to get out of this deathtrap...

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Yes - please make the Ravine explorable - even if it inevitably leads to death!

I lost a number of good starts to trying to get down the ravine - after I slowly and carefully descended a steep rock on my last attempt (as opposed to the "small fall" technique, which I has previously assumed just resulted in a fatally broken leg or something...), I realized that it has a "death zone" just below the level of the ground/tracks. Was sad, but there are lots of other very cool places to explore. Even so, it would be *sweet* to be able to get to the bottom of the ravine, even if, as I said, you would just die down there anyway. (Though the OP has some good ideas for ways to get out - rope/caves/etc.)

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