Staggering feels a little too exaggerated at 1-2%


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After the new update (and hotfix) I got into some trouble out on the frozen ocean in CH. I managed to make a fire but if I let go of the stick, I would sway/stagger a good 8-10m or more away from it. I would slowly make my way to the fire, swaying 5m back and forth till I got close, let go of the stick, off I went 8-10m away again. Staggering and swaying I can understand but if I'm that hurt, why am I moving farther and faster?

Another time I was at the Mountaineer's Hut in TM when I got attacked by a bear. By the time I got back to the Hut (around 1-2% condition), I was staggering the length of the hut each step forward and back.

Is my field of view just getting messed up with my low condition? I just don't feel like I should be moving this much at such a low bodily condition.. maybe instead of swaying more, add in the chance of falling down at 1-5%? Have it be slow to get up the worse you are, and be able to use stamina to get up faster. Would be better than dying because I'm swaying too much to even think of clicking on my fire :lol:

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I agree on this.

While it is in some morbid way quite funny to stagger around like a drunkard with seven-league boots - especially in combination with the blurred vision effect- it's also pretty frustrating to move back and forth so fast (and so far!) that it's extremely difficult to click on your bedroll or maneuver your character to some safe place.

Just to give an example:

Some days ago I was down to 2% health after I fell down a cliff because one of the famous miracle ledge bears attacked me right below the summit. But what almost killed me was neither the bear attack (8% health afterwards) nor the plunge (2% health afterwards) but instead the fact that my character tenaciously staggered towards another cliff with what felt like 5m steps and seemed to be absolutely dedicated to play supergirl.^^

Not sure if that's really intended.

Slowing down the character or letting him/her slip and fall every few dozens of meters as the OP suggested might be a better choice to reflect the low condition. I don't mind the blurred vision at all and I certainly wouldn't mind tumbling or staggering a little, but the current staggering distances (=how far your character moves around while staggering) really feel a bit to excessive for my taste.

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Crouching.. I'll have to try that out for the time being. Obviously in my panic that slipped my mind :lol:

Also appreciate the reply bethany.

:idea: Another thing, when I was in CH, I had woken up from my bedroll at 2% and was a good 5m from my fire/bedroll as I came out of the resting screen. Which is when I started noticing how far I was staggering/swaying.

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