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I've started a few games, with my longest run just short of a month. I haven't seen more than ML and PV. That said, here's what I've got:

Shoe penalty. Early on my crappy sneakers got destroyed in a wolf fight. I was shocked that I didn't immediately start freezing. Feet are in constant contact with ice but no frostbite. Double or quadruple cold penalty for shoeless?

Lower base firestarting. Even my worst fuelled campfires were over 50% probability, which is only double tinder and match cost. Never needed accelerant. base skill closer to 10% with a bonus on stove vs campfire?

Micronutrients. I can eat steak forever because game only counts calories. Require consumption of non-meat foods every week or so or suffer malnutrition diseases?

Longer healing. A sprain never feels like a problem if I can just get indoors and nap for a couple hours, never need first aid except for bleeding. 12 hours rest for healing by rest alone, half time with improved rest?

More uses for hides. I can't break them down for cured leather for noncrafted boots. I can't break down rabbit fur for bandages. I can't wrap knives or hatchets to improve grip as repair. I can literally only use them to make and repair specific clothing items. Diversify?

Craft able fishing hook from rabbit or fish bone. I love sewing with fish hook and line but wish I could craft one. Sewing kits run short. Also a waste to fish with line when I'll need to repair clothes and can't risk hooks. Love the idea of catching fish with previous catch ' s harvest.


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+1 to getting frostbite will not wearing shoes, gloves, or scarf (I came up with some stats about frostbite and gangrene in another topic: More Ailments)

+1 for lower fire-lighting ability (I think 30% would be a good starting base and that you should never be able to reach more than a 90% chance of lighting a fire, other than with accleratent)

+1 for more uses for animal hides

+1 crafting fishing hooks from bones or antlers

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