December Update?


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Let me give you a clue, as everybody is expecting release date about christmas time and the december update at any moment, I think they will do something in the middle. So December update will be merged with the the Release at earlier time, about Dec 15 probably.

Sorry Hinterland for spoiling your surprise, but each night checking for new update and constantly the forums made me do this.... :D

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Raphael says in the interview for electronic playground that the first episode of the storymode will be released by the end of the year.Source viewtopic.php?f=49&t=7826 02:00-02:20 ,

Thanks for that link! :)

I've been loving the hell out of this game since I first learned of it watching Jacksepticeye's play through of it. I haven't enjoyed a single player game this much since Fallout 3.

What I wonder is if Story Mode will really make the game better? Will having to do the things I enjoy in the game now having a different purpose improve game play or detract from what I enjoy? The feel of Desolation Point was different than the other regions. DP felt like a region specifically laid out like a video game, with artificially blocked paths and hidden areas like a traditional video game while the earlier regions felt natural and organic.

Well, I'll keep loving and playing the game. Despite my trepidation, I eagerly look forward to any and all updates. :D

::Edit:: Will there ever be NPC's in sandbox mode or will we always be alone there?

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