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  1. Death! Cold, violent, horrible death! ūüźļ Wolves got me the first time out. They shredded me just as I reached the buildings. Second try... Then immediately started in a blizzard and was totally lost and ended up in a cave and having spawned with no food. I spent the time trying to wait out the storm while fighting hypothermia with the fire kept alive by the piles of sticks I had gathered stumbling around lost until I found the cave. When the fire went out I had to look for food as it had been over a day without food. I kept getting lost in the mist and even finding two hunters blinds with only a candy bar and some coffee for food. Stumbled back to a cave with a few sticks to make a fire and make a cup of coffee as my last meal as I surrender to the hunger and the cold. I love this game so much.
  2. To clarify this, you start back in the hangar, but when the character scenes start between Will and Astrid, then you can hit escape and that skips to the loading the plane bit. I didn't realize until my third restart that I was supposed to choose one of the three extra supply items to load into the plane along with Astrid's stuff. So far I'm enjoying the new Wintermute gameplay. Thank you, Hinterland for having the humility and determination to go back and rebuild it.
  3. You can just kill time if you can't sleep. If you go to your radial dial and click on the campfire symbol, you'll see a deck of cards, just select that and it lets you pass time for however you like.
  4. With the tool box you could attach the blade of a skate to the end of the hockey stick to make an improvised poleaxe.
  5. Maybe what you could trek out into the wilderness for would be the cockpit of the plane that crashed on the mountain. Would there be any kind of powerful emergency radio or tracking device in there that could be used to send a message to the outside world?
  6. I'm the opposite, I want more abandoned urban areas. I want to see the airport, prison and urban center of the island and at the ferry landing there might be a boat you can use to escape the island.
  7. Welcome to the forum! I think a mountain lion is being considered for eventual addition to the game. Someone might be able to confirm or deny this, but I think it was in the plan somewhere.
  8. It's off the road out of town, on the right. Just look for the crows off to the side.
  9. I've found one here on multiple runs.
  10. Hello everyone, I've started a new run and I've been wondering about maintaining the clothing. Is it better to wear the regular clothing until it can no longer be repaired and then switch to crafted or go with crafted as early as possible? And how do you start fires very late into the game? After matches and flares have run out. I know about the fire striker, I've never used it so I don't know if it can be repaired, but the magnifier requires repairs and eventually the tools to repair it will wear out. I'm going to try for the 500 day achievement and I'd like to know what I should be preparing for. Also, should I be hoarding whetstones for later in game?
  11. I've been wondering for a while, don't wolves and bears eat the food you leave you?
  12. I just had my first encounter with a moose. I had just started a new game and was gathering sticks and I could hear one over a rise nearby, and planned to get a look at it once I had all the sticks, but then I hear it running toward me and I look up in time to get trampled by it. If this is how they are their attack mechanic is the same as the wolves. As soon as they're aware of you from any distance they attack to kill. It didn't even see me before it decided to attack.
  13. My one trip to the summit, since there was too much to carry down, I just picked up all the ammo and stayed there eating the food until it ran low and headed back down. Make sure to break open all the wooden crates while you're there as well. I did three randoms in a row and each time it put me at the same spot in Forlorn Muskeg, so I stopped bothering with randoms for now.
  14. I thought about this after I had uploaded this pic to the screenshot thread. What's your most memorable or epic death in the game? This death was in Forlorn Muskeg. I had been nearly mauled to death by a wolf just minutes before and was dying of exposure and I only had a road flare for light while lost and I had managed to stumble blindly to the railroad tracks, but it was so dark I couldn't tell which direction I was facing. I knew I was close to the Mystery Lake tunnel entrance and getting there was my only tiny, razor thin chance at survival when the bear attacked. It was certainly my most cinematic death. It was like the end of a horror movie, so close to death that everything was getting blurry and then having that monster appear to finish the job.