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I bought this game on Saturday 14th and am a little unsure on what the modes are about. I understand that stalker is the hardest mode where it is kill or be killed and such but with pilgrim mode does it mean I can run up to a wolf with nothing in hand and it will turn tail or will it be aggressive?

I am terrified of being killed at this point as I don't know the game yet. :?

(Also is the same run away effect on bears too and "fluffy"?)

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Yeah im currently playing on pilgrim as i find stalker too easy(hunting wise). on pilgrim wolves and bears will run away from you, however if you hurt/shoot them they will sometimes turn aggresive you,so be careful

Not sure about fluffy in the dam.

Otherwise enjoy the long learning curve :D

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i play pilgrim because voyager is too hard for me (haven't the guts to try stalker). I have found the following to be true:

1) Shoot and wound a wolf, it will only attack you if you make the mistake of getting directly in front of it at a distance of less than about 2m. I like to catch up with them when they stop running and just follow them until they drop.

2) Bears will almost always maul you after you shoot them if you don't kill them outright or shoot them from a safe vantage point (iefishing hut or fallen tree). But they only take you down to 7% which can be survived.

3) Fluffy does NOT haunt the inside of the dam, instead he either hunts bunnies on the winding river side or deer on the front.

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