Died, Resume let me load back to save prior to death v.282


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First, let me say that this game is really amazing and I'm really enjoying it. You've all done a wonderful job with what I've experienced so far. Second, apologies if this has already been reported, but I was unable to find it.

I was somewhere around day 30 in Voyageur mode as the female character in Pleasant Valley when I froze to death trying to cram a cat-nap in while stranded in the mountains with the last of my wood burning. The game returned to the title screen and I noticed resume was available. I selected it and saw I could pick up from right before I died. I did so and continued on, survived by running into a blizzard for more wood, and continued playing for a while. I slept to save and quit from the in-game menu.

I changed apps in Xbox one, eventually returned to the game, played some more from my last save, slept to save, and quit from in-game again. I then quit the game using the Xbox start button and selecting quit. I then turned off the console (low power mode, technically). The console update happened overnight that loaded the new UI. When I returned, resume was available, but the save I had been playing was gone and replaced with a save on pilgrim mode I'd abandoned several days earlier.

So, I'm not sure the loss of the save game is necessarily a bug or not - it seems like the universe balancing itself since I shouldn't have had that second chance, at least that's how I understand the game is supposed to work. However, getting to resume from the save prior to death seems like unintended behavior. But, it was AWESOME, if short-lived, so don't break a leg trying to fix it :)

Let me know if you require any more details. The game is on Xbox v.282.



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I had a similar experience on the PC. I fell off the bridge in a night blizzard and was reduced to very poor condition. I exited and later restarted the game to see if I could survive and my location was placed back at the top of the bridge although my health was still very bad.

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