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    Garbage similar to the above is why I usually don't bother with forums. Many are disappointed that the countdown didn't end with story mode or a sandbox update today. Understandable, I was disappointed myself. But cheese and rice, could y'all conduct yourselves with a flippin' shred of dignity? It's equivalent to my 3 year old nephew throw a tantrum because the present he just unwrapped wasn't what he wanted. Up until today I've found these forums to be mostly a decent place to read what others thought, experienced, suggested, etc about the game and occasionally offer an opinion, bug report, or suggestion working around a technical issue. Today's "outrage" in response to being disappointed at imagined rewards at the end of a countdown is embarrassing. The personal attacks on Hinterland's personnel are deplorable and the perceived slights to the early access adopters indicate a break from reality. Those pointing out the irrationality of said attacks are labeled "fanboys". Imagine conducting yourself in such a manner when dealing with an employer or a family member. Wouldn't you be mortified to be in front of a boss or parent shrieking, "I hate you!", like Anakin Skywalker when he had his arm and legs taken off by Obi-wan? That's exactly what all this sounded like. Just for a little perspective: Since getting the game in 2015 there have been multiple major updates to the way the game plays. Each of the updates I've been around for have had near-immediate bug fixes for the PC and Xbox releases were delivered as soon as they cleared Microsoft's testing. Hinterland has engaged the community for feedback, suggestions, bug reports, and opened a test branch. There are several "AAA" titles I've played where neither the developer nor the producer has had an interest in community feedback or suggestions and have released badly bugged updates that have lingered for months. Those "AAA" titles also cost three times as much. Was the countdown a bit disappointing to what you were hoping for? Perhaps, depending on what your hopes were. Was the frankly ridiculous wave of whiny angst unleashed against the people at Hinterland undeserved? Absolutely. It is possible, even on the internet, to express displeasure (and even justify it!) without resorting to personal attacks, childish foot stomping, and going completely mental and assuming that your disappointment was an attack on you. To those of you who were able to conduct yourselves well, disappointed or not, thank you. One hopes in the short three months between now and release, some others might learn from you.
  2. Hi! Interloper has been an interesting challenge, but I'm finding cabin fever and the risk of cabin fever to be a little too prevalent in my playthroughs. I think it fills the purpose of keeping you spending at least some time outdoors. However, given the ungodly cold temperatures in Interloper and the near daily blizzards, it's becoming more of a hassle and, to me, taking me out of the experience. In my 119 day playthrough I survived 90 blizzards. In the current playthrough I've had 24 blizzards in 28 days. So, it seems on most days it's likely that at least part of your day will be consumed by waiting out a blizzard. Mornings are cold enough that even with all the crafted clothes you still can't hang around forever outside. Sure, you can build fires, but as matches are limited and magnifying glass fires require direct sunlight, match rationing is needed. So, I'm finding myself needing to obsess about the amount of time I can get outdoors. The cabin fever warning pops up frequently and I've got to find ways of spending even more time outdoors in conditions that scream "For crying out loud, it's too cold and nasty out to be outside!" If I don't, then I get full on cabin fever and insist on taking a nap in an air temperature where Fahrenheit and Celsius collide. Thus, I forsake my perfectly good indoor stove/fireplace/etc and take the risk of building a fire outside to cook, boil water, or other activity, knowing that I'm a strong wind away from losing the fire early or a blizzard driving me indoors to avoid my clothes disintegrating. I don't think a major adjustment is in order, just a slight one on Interloper to be a little more forgiving on the indoor/outdoor ratio. From what I understand, it was initially implemented to combat hibernation. In Interloper it feels like it's trying to get me to kill myself, rather than the game having to do it. Believe me, in Interloper the game doesn't need that help. Perhaps a "sliding scale" for the cabin fever ratios would work on Interloper? Earlier in the playthrough it could be a bit more forgiving and as time progressed the ratio could be adjusted so you needed more time outdoors to avoid it. Easier said than coded, I'm sure. Another suggestion is to make cabin fever key off of excessive use of the combination of sleeping and indoor "passing time", rather than a purely indoor/outdoor ratio. Yet another suggestion would to have indoor activities count less against your cabin fever "meter". For example, performing crafting, repairs, or reading indoors for an hour would only add 20 minutes to the cabin fever meter, but passing time for an hour would add the full hour. Sleeping indoors would not raise or lower the meter, as you're unconscious. My last (off topic) suggestion with cabin fever is to have some fun with it. I don't know if it's been suggested before, but instead of a text warning, maybe the character would start saying odd things like, "I could taste the chickens plotting against me all the way from next Tuesday", which would indicate you were getting close to cabin fever. If nothing else writing the lines and having the voice actors record them would be fun. Anyway, I hope this doesn't come off as too whiny or critical. I really do love the game, appreciate the work you've done, and appreciate Interloper (I do miss the rifle, though). I'm sure there are things I can do to improve my gameplay as well. It just seems that I'm fighting cabin fever as much as nature right now, and I'd prefer to keep more of the fight against nature. Thanks!
  3. Had this happen as well. I entered a building, which saved the game. I still had the slow movement. I quit the game and loaded and movement was restored to normal.
  4. Or getting some extra hours towards the research feat!
  5. I had similar problems many versions ago. I switched the Xbox from quick start/low power mode to whatever the setting is that fully shuts it down and haven't had any issues with the save games since. Other people have found having certain USB controllers/peripherals connected have caused issues as well as some of the rock band controllers. If you have any of those, you may try disconnecting them and see if that seems to help. I was googling this issue and it looked like people experienced similar sounding problems in othrr games like Witcher 3. No idea if they're related problems or not. Hope this helps!
  6. Hi Alan, Glad it helped and thanks for the detailed explanation on what you found and what was going on. I think it's really interesting to hear about the mechanics of TLD and it's great to get this level of feedback on bug reports and fixes. Also, nice bit of sleuthing there! I hadn't considered that saving was a factor. Thanks for fixing it!
  7. Hi! I had a calorie store of about 1500 calories and had a piece of bear meat I'd cooked with my awesome level 5 cooking skill. The 1kg piece of bear meat was worth 1125 calories. I ate the meat and hit the 2499 calorie cap and auto stopped eating. The piece of meat I was eating disappeared from my inventory, rather than leaving a leftover of about 126 calories. I then grabbed another 1kg piece of bear meat worth 1125 calories and began eating it when I had roughly 2490 calories. I ate that, hit the limit, and kept the piece of meat in inventory at a weight of .98kg. However, the calories assigned to the remainder meat was 886, rather than approximately the 1100 you'd expect. It appears that in the first case, if you eat past the base 900 calories from cooked bear meat, but stop before consuming all the bonus calories, you lose the bonus calories. In the second case, if you stop eating before exceeding the base 900 calories, you keep the leftovers, but lose the bonus calories from the cooking skill. If I had to guess, the function(s) that govern calculating the weight and calories left in a piece of food are using the base caloric values for a cooked item rather than value after the bonus is applied. I've not tested this extensively and these are just my quick observations. I don't know if this pattern holds for other types of cooked foods, if you cooked the food at lower skill levels, or other variables. Just wanted to mention it. I doubt it matters, but I was in TM at the mountaineer's hut, cooked the bear meat in the hut, stored the food in the hatch, and retrieved the food from the hatch in both of the above cases. I'll try to observe if this does or doesn't occur with different cooked foods. In the meantime, I'll stop topping off the tank and wait til I'm half empty before refueling.
  8. Hi, On Xbox v.350 and v.349 I noticed when loading my game in the Mountaineer's But on TM the screen displays the word Region where you'd expect to see your location. It fades away and when I move, it brings up Mountaineer's Hut as the location. After that all locations are displayed as expected. Very minor issue, but thought I'd report it. On a side note, I haven't seen any information about the v.350 update. I'm guessing it's an Xbox specific patch?
  9. Hi, First, love the latest updates, keep up the excellent work! I'm on Xbox one, v.338. When entering a car, head movement is restricted to facing forward, 90 degrees left and 90 right. If you draw the bow while in the car (which seems improbable) you can then turn 360 degrees while inside the car. While this is nice, it doesn't appear to be the intended behavior. I'd suggest increasing the amount you can turn in the car once the bug is fixed. My guess is that you cannot turn the full 360 degrees while in a car due to the bulk of the backpack. However, one may be able to shift one's shoulders to turn a bit further to the right or left. This would help with tracking where the bear went after chasing me into the car! Thanks for the game!
  10. For me, the only addition I'd like to see to the UI would be a "place multiple items" feature. Example would be when I've got a ton of water I'd like to have on the shelf in the stone cabin in TM. Currently, I drop the water then meticulously place the water on the shelf to maximize the use of the area. If I can place multiple items and have the game align the items as it sees fit along the surface of the shelf (or whatever), that'd be excellent. The Xbox interface isn't bad, it'd just be more convenient with this addition. The funny thing is, I only do this type of thing in TLD. My office at work looks like several dozen laptops and cellphones detonated.
  11. It looks really nice! Good job!
  12. Hi all, I was having issues with either losing an entire save slot or losing days on a save slot for awhile. I changed the power settings on the Xbox and modified some of my behaviors and haven't lost a save slot or lost any days since. I changed the Xbox power setting from Instant-On to Power Saver or whatever it's called. It's a little less convenient, but for me it seems to help. As for my behavior, when I'm done playing, I save the game, and quit to the title screen. I've been able to switch to other apps, such as the TV, NHL Gamecenter, and Amazon Instant Video, then return to TLD without having issues. I have not tried switching to another game, however. Previously I'd experimented with leaving Instant-On on and quitting to the title screen, then using the Xbox interface to quit the entire game out. That still resulted in losing days or the entire save. With instant-on turned on I'd also tried never quitting out of the game which did seem to work for awhile, but eventually the game would get a little crazy and odd behavior was noticed. When the Xbox finally did power off, I'd usually lose days or a save. So, I'd recommend at least trying the Power Saver setting and making sure you quit to the title screen. Is it less convenient? Sure. Should you have to modify the Xbox settings for a game? Probably not. But, I'm a lot happier since I did. I've currently got a 130+ game day run which survived .298->.301->.302, another 130+ day run from .302 only, and a third 50+ day run in progress. Depending on the cause of the save game problems, your mileage(kilometerage?) may vary. You may have to tweak things if you observe another problem. Some things that may be factors are: Network connection stability, heat issues, time between Xbox reboots, available disk space, and signing out/in while a game is in progress. These are all guesses as I've no idea what the problem is. Hopefully, this helps someone else. I know it's frustrating to lose a save slot or a bunch of days, but give it a try. The worst case is that it doesn't help at at all. But, if you keep doing the same thing you're probably going to get the same results. If you do find a different combination of settings and habits that appear to work for you, post them as well. It may help someone else and may help Hinterland get a better idea of the conditions that cause the problem.
  13. I drop sticks and arrange them in the shape of arrows. If there's multiple locations I might label each with a letter. Works great for TM, somewhat less so in ML due to all the trees.
  14. I still like the concept of random falls, as you can be as careful as possible but still have something unexpected happen, like stepping on loose rocks, ice, tree root, etc. It just seems the current system is awarding falls a little too frequently, especially on mild grades. I'd prefer to have a better chance of getting a sprain when I'm running full speed down a hill because a wolf is after me. I believe Hinterland folks have said they are trying for a very minimal HUD, so I don't know if they'll want to add HUD features for falling. I think it was mentioned a long time ago that there were audio cues that a fall was imminent, but I don't know if that's still in effect or not. I do hear the character panting when climbing steep terrain, but on Xbox v.283 it didn't seem to coincide with falls. I'd even taking to pausing frequently on hills, but wouldn't tend to get sprains on long stretches of movement, but rather when beginning to move again. Perhaps a change to those cues? I'm thinking of Indiana Jones stepping on the letters to spell "Jehovah", as in "O-whoa-ohhh!". All that being said, v.298 seemed a bit better regarding falls, but I only had a couple days to play before leaving for the holidays.
  15. I don't know what our characters' full background is, but if it were me trying to skin an animal, I'd certainly muck it up. I might end up with smaller usable (or unusable) bits of hide until I got better at it.