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This time I want to give kinda different feedback. :) There is already too much said about game mechanics,about difficulty,playability...and not much about atmosphere in game itself.

Till now most of you probably already know,that I spend alot of time in my game just observing game graphics,admiring audio sounds and trying to really deeply feel the game and thoughts of developers,which were inspired them to make things in game,like they are.I am trying to think like character in game,I try to see background story of events,which brought this pilot into abandoned wilderness.

I am now at my longest run since I play game,currently at day 440 in Stalker mode.I explored almost everything,only western and north western part of Pleasant Valley still didn`t explore.So,now I am in middle stage of game.But,my problem is not,that I have nothing to do.I do keep finding things for every day,I plan my activities ahead,so I keep myself buisy.What my problem is? Lonelyness. :( Many times I fall deep into game and catch myself thinking like I am really there,in this wilderness.And I really started to miss interaction with other human.Longer I am surviving,more i feel so alone and game gets quite different kind of atmosphere.

Maybe somebody will think I am crazy,but now I am very happy,when I see a bunny,jumping arround,I follow deer from distance,to admire it,I wait for bear at porch of PV Farmstead and talk with him,with interest observing wolf hunting,howling,patroling... :D I do kill animals when I need meat,but otherwise they are my only company,only live beens.So I try to not disturb them much and avoid them.World out there is enough big for al of us. :)

So,yes...I will be very happy,when NPC characters will be introduced.I think,every player comes once in situation,when he start realising,how lonely he is out there.Some of them may call this boredom,but I prefer to use word lonelyness.

I try to understand this game deeper and not having it just as a game.And,I must admit,that devs did with this game really amazing work.Coz this game certainly changed me in some sort of way.It changed some of my aspects and it made me be aware of some important things,which i had forgotten long ago or just didn`t find them relevant in my life.

Thank you,Hinterland team,for giving out such amazing experience. :D

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Great post @Denyo and reply @bethany

There is something special about this game.

When was lot younger, I use to trek up in the High Sierras. When you got up high above the tree line, something changed. You could see for miles and miles and there was just no one and nothing but open wilderness, and a sky that went on forever. It stopped being about where you were headed, or even the next campsite. You were just there, just "being," for no other reason.

Closest I've felt to that in many years playing this game.

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