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I'm on XBox 1, and I realize most here are on PC. My question is, once I have a knife or hatchet, specifically how are you supposed to fight a wolf? I know the buttons on my controller that correspond to the mouse buttons you guys use, so could someone explain how you go about it? Are you holding the left mouse button and clicking quickly on the right? Vice versa? Or, are you clicking them both quickly? What does each button represent? I just want to feel confident fighting them. I know your condition needs to be great, like 90% or more, most likely. Thanks in advance.....

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Pry bar, knife, or hatchet will automatically be used for the fight...

Currently clicking the left trigger builds strength, and the right trigger actually strikes the wolf. It's the player's call whether they want to do a bunch of short fast striking hits [always a chance of scaring off the wolf with each one], or build up a little or a lot before striking.

The fighting mechanics will most likely be changing further along in development, but for now it's whichever way you feel best for the way you handle the triggers.

You could also ask LMG [LordMasterGaming] on his Twitch chat. He usually streams The Long Dark every Tuesday, and also during a lot of marathons. He's used both the mouse and controller extensively for the PC version, and also plays the Xb1 version - so he may be able to share some of the techniques he finds works well with each controller or mouse type.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.