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I am in v235, have plenty of leathers from before, and very short in dearskin. Well, they are basically the same but now can only use dearskin to craft and repair. I can still get leather from harvesting shoes or whatever things are. Really like it when the dev made it that can only get 1 hide from each game you get. The only thing trouble me is that when crafting dearskin boot need 2 dearskin hide but repairing only give 30%, they need to be like 50%, and repairing dearskin pant need to be 40% too. These are just some thoughts about the new system. My question is: what do i do with all the leather?

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I had the same issue when I updated to v.235.

The problem with having a saved game from before the big update is that, prior to the upgrade, all "deer hides" were listed as "leather" and all "leather" (from actual leather sources, like boots) were also listed as "leather". So in the new upgraded game, both are now listed as "leather", but the old pre-v.235 leather cannot be used for crafting any of the deer skin stuff. The game, and the devs, have no way of determining which of the "leather" from the old save game is actually from deer and which is actual leather. So, it's all "leather", leading to a potential overstock of leather and a shortfall of deer skins.

In a normal game, you would not have the tons of leather you have from this issue. The only good use of leather now is in fixing leather products, like work boots. But from now on, with new games, the amounts of deer skins and leather should be a little more balanced. (I myself ended up with over 160+ "leathers" which were actually deer skins, leading to a MASSIVE oversupply of them...) And so you DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY want repairs to deer skin products to be in deer skin and not leather, unless you want your ability to repair deer skin products limited by the amount of leather products you can find in a single game...

tl;dr Upgrading a save game from before v.235 is the reason for the oversupply of leather.

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