Stalker v.228 is waaay too easy

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I took a few weeks off playing the game, and recently started again under the v.228 update.

Stalker mode is way too easy now.

Someone else suggested that loot is too abundant now and that's definitely a big part of it. In earlier versions I was always dealing with shortages of cloth, guts, bullets and antiseptic. Now I have more of these than I can possibly use.

There are considerably more bears now, which has resulted in a glut of food. Forget about starving, my biggest problem is eating it all before it goes bad! And it seems like they respawn pretty quickly also.

Wolf fights seem a lot easier. I can easily win a fight and only lose 20-25% of condition. That was not the case before.

Stormy weather seems less common now, especially in Pleasant Valley. I used to get stranded in storms all the time; now it almost never happens.

All in all, I'm not having much fun playing it now. There's just no challenge.

A new player who is moving up from Voyager and is still learning the maps will probably get some thrills with this. But there isn't anything here for experienced players who know where all the locations are.

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first post here! I have too concur that it is way too easy to survive in stalker, and especially because you now have a sheer unlimited food source because of how easy and plentyful bears can be farmed for it.

Pleasant Valley - Just go to the farm, wait for the bear to come to your house - shoot it with one bullet, wait inside the house until he bleeds out, done - 35kg meat for you....

I mean sure, its a realistic amount of food. But its too easy to get. Maybe bears just shouldnt respawn. Or decrease the chance for it...

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Hi again,

hinterlandbethany, if you read this, could you please comment on this thread? Or does anyone know some official statement regarding this topic? At the moment this kind of stops me from playing because its just too easy and repetive to farm food. As it is, the best part of the game are the first few days, where stalker can be really challenging.

Thanks in advance! :3

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Or does anyone know some official statement regarding this topic? At the moment this kind of stops me from playing because its just too easy and repetive to farm food.

To put it simply (although probably not the answer wanted), the devs have stated repeatedly that every update and pass is in a constant state of changes and setting testing. There's still a lot more to be added into the game, so difficulty levels will be fluctuation high and low throughout the alpha testing up to the final game.

It's not meant to give an exact/ level of difficulty each round - it needs to be done in steps otherwise you could spend forever retweaking each level perfectly, and then having to start from scratch because the next content addition changes all the loot/danger/gameplay settings...

If it helps, the devs and studio team do watch a lot of the player videos, live streams, and forum feedback - so they take it all into account as they're already prepping for the next stage... the setting changes and new activities/loot/tools may not all make it into every new update, but they're following a larger plan towards their finished version which they have fairly well planned for structure.

Gotta remember during their pre-alpha first test versions, it was a struggle to survive 2-5 days (and that was using advanced skills and techniques)... Difficulty changes need to be done and tested in steps - they still have a lot more surprises ahead to drop into the game that players don't know about. Just takes time... ;)

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I just saw mention of my name, but Bill gave a pretty good answer. Sorry I was a bit late to the party! ...Or is Bill just really fast? Hmm.

If you ever need anything or would like to draw my attention to something, please feel free to send me a message!

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