Immense Mouse Acceleration When Aiming With Rifle


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When I try to aim with the hunting rifle, no matter how low I turn the slider down it accelerates hugely when I try to aim. This only happens sometimes, I noticed it a bit in my last game and all the time in my current game. My mouse CPI is 1500 and I know this is not the issue since it works sometimes. I have the sensitivity on the rifle all the way down to 0% but it doesn't help. The fact that this wastes my bullets, food, bandages, and antiseptic and gets me killed is a sign of a big problem. Please look into this anyone? I've seen posts months ago about this same issue.

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Are you using a laptop pad or a mouse?

The devs will likely also need some specs and/or your debug log in order to suggest a solution for your specific system.

Ok, I'll leave a few hardware specs here:

CPU: i7-2600 @ 3.5 GHz

GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SSC ACX 2.0+ 4GB GDDR5

Mobo: ASUS Z77-A

Active Drive: PNY XLR8 480 GB SSD

Mouse: Razer Naga Molten Special Edition - 1500 CPI mouse acceleration off

Mousepad: Razer Goliathus Medium - Speed

Not at home currently but im pretty sure im playing TLD at max FOV and 14% Mouse sensitivity and 7% Aim sensitivity when the aiming was working. Ultra settings.

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100% agree, see here. For normal weapons i need to set the slider to like 2-3%, if its sweet point would be more towards the 50%-area i would have finer control over it.

The slider for the mouse is just useless to me. Even on 0% its ridiculously fast. Also there is some dead-area, that while zoomed in, the mouse does not move at all, if i only move the mouse slowly. This makes it impossibly for me to aim while zoomed. The only way I kill wolfves, is by aiming while not zoomed, and then quickly zoom in and shoot, and hope the target has not moved to the side in the mean time.

Btw, it has always been too high, even without a seperate slider.

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With the latest update V.235 the dead area of the mouse when zoomed in is fixed for me!

However the mouse sensitivity is still using the same scale, and now instead of 1% granularity you get only 5% steps for setting the sensitivity making it worse. :lol: (Contrarily to what the patch notes indicated... can't you just make the slider map to a float and everyone is happy? :3) I am using the lowest possible setting (5%) while setting my mouse the 2nd lowest DPI-setting. This gives an ok sensitivity, but making it reallllly slooooow to use the UI, since I have to move my mouse almost half a meter on my mouse mat to click a button on the UI, which is not that much fun, since you can't use WSAD anymore to move the cursor.

Side note: If you set 0% for aiming sensitivity, and then pull out your rifle, it will move in the opposite direction that you are moving, while you attempting to look around.

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My mouse is a budget mouse which is actually really good. Maybe the issue with Unity-games is, they are basing mouse input on mouse sampling rate or something like this? This mouse uses 500hz polling rate, instead of 125hz what is the default for USB mice. Althou this should be unlikely, since the razer tool thing lets users also set the polling rate. While I am using maybe lower sensitivities than some people, I am not having any issues when playing other games, fps games for instance, since they usually allow using the whole scale by either having a slider that allows smoothly setting any value from 0 to [a lot] wihout just being able to setting 20 discreet values, or by having a field where you can enter a floating value.

From the start to 1:20 this is with the lowest ingame sensitivity setting and 3600 DPI (which is most comfortable, since I can actually use the UI without problems). From 1:20 to the end I changed to the second lowest (800 DPI) on my mouse, which works nice for playing, but makes it hard to use the UI (long mouse-ways to reach stuff on the UI).

[bBvideo 560,340:20bvom30]

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