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Dear Hinterland team !

I´m very curious about your game "The long dark" - the gameplay and art style looks interesting and wonderful. The "realistic" survival story with no monsters and Zombies (which seems to be the standard for this genre..), hit my attention. So I´m really elated and looking forward for the release in october this year !

I would like to pre-order the director´s cut version which includes the DVD of the game on release because I´m not a fan of downloading huge data.

Please let me know how much the shipping and handling fees are: $29,99 + ?

Will you also support the game with patches if there are bugs reports after release and is it possible to patch the DVD

version then?

Thank you very much for your reply and I wish you the best in achieving all your goals !

Best regards


(sorry for mistakes in writing)

p.s. Vancouver Island is really beautiful - I´ve been there a few years ago by doing a little roadtrip from Seattle to Vancouver.

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Hi Lukin,

Thanks for joining our growing community. There is also a German part in the forum. Come and visit us there.

I am not 100% sure, but I think the game will be supported with patches and updates even if you have the disk version. I have them bought it for myself.

I have no idea how much extra the handling + shipping will be but I think Hinterland will send a message out once the game has a final release date.

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