Oatmeal Issues, anyone?

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Seems that it takes 0,10Kg oats to make a porrige. But the last 0,10Kg does not allow you to cook it. Is this an issuewith other players?
I've not yet tested if this happens with Imperial measures.... And it's all the same!

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50 minutes ago, Laxgoalie said:

Known bug. Previously reported. Been happening since oats/porridge was introduced.

Yep. The bug can affect all (maybe?) of the new Frontier Comforts store-bought ingredients, and has been a thing since it was added to the game last June (2023). I reported the problem last December, and got a response from HL Tech Support that it was a likely rounding error, which is good to know (but doesn't fi the issue). It always affect the last serving of one or more ingredients needed for one of the recipes. If you have 2 containers of oats, for instance, both with one serving left- the game will allow you to make one, but the other one will not be allowed, even though it shows as the needed amount on the screen. It's not a big deal on Pilgrim or Voyageur, where you have more food than you know what to do with. But on Stalker or Interloper? It gets a bit more uncomfortable knowing you have food you can't cook and eat. I've had the bug happen with Oats, Flour, and Cooking Oil (but not Salt- because the game seems to think I am not salty enough and need to find the stuff everywhere, so I seem to always have too much of it...🧂😜🧂).

(Vanilla game, no mods- not sure if the food pack mod fixes it or not. And yes, it happens on Metric and Imperial measurements, no change, I have tested that repeatedly.)

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To be honest, on interloper the whole new recipe thing isn't all that useful. The only thing I routinely make are the acorn pancakes because of the calorie density as a traveling food. I only use oatmeal early game to buff cooking stats and now I have lots of ruined oatmeal sitting around (and 0.1 kg boxes of oats). Game pies just aren't worth it for only 1kg extra carry weight since they also act as meat and attract predators. I spend plenty of time outdoors so don't need a food to decrease cabin fever stats. I'm sure other find them more useful. The rounding thing is just plain annoying and I'm not sure why it hasn't been resolved since there have been multiple hotfixes since the release of the recipes. Maybe with next Tales update?

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