Old letters that we can read


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16 minutes ago, Pyroxene said:

Give more backstory on Great Bear. Add letters that we can read.

But- we already have them (if you are talking about Survival mode).

Notes Left Behind

Buffer Memories


Memento notes and hints


And the optional TFTFT Tales (notes, bunkers, caches, recipe cards) for folks who own the DLC

It makes sense to have a very linear history and very set-in-stone lore in Wintermute, but in Survival mode? Not so much, IMHO. The lore and backstory is there to be found and read and observed, but part of Survival Mode (for me at least) is being able to create my own story and backstory by adding my own details into the roleplaying I am doing in Survival Mode.  I enjoy being able to piece things together in Survival Mode to fit in with the story I am writing for myself in any given run. I don't want Survival Mode to become as scripted and linear as Wintermute Story Mode is.

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