Broken Railroad

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If you go to the back of the Maintenance Shed or to the right side of it, there are large gaps in the chain-link fence. The one directly behind will lead you straight down to the lake behind the Shed, if you take the path to the right you will have a path that will lead you to the right side side of the lake and a bridge that crosses over the stream to the right of the lake. That bridge ends in a chain-link fence and gate- open the gate and go through it, follow the path uphill- keep going straight. It will lead you to the Hunting Lodge an the pond there.

Be careful- that path has several chokepoints where wolves patrol and will attack you if you if they can. At the Hunting Lodge you will encounter more wolves, usually hunting rabbits around the Lodge and the pond. And a really grumpy Moose may spawn on or near the pond. Be prepared to fight or escape, and travel as light as possible- sprinting may be essential to get to safety.

There are other ways to get there, but they are more complicated to try to explain and are not as straight forward.

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