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while i know most loot doesnt respawn i know there is the semirandomness of beachcombing especially after blizzards but i've also been told of some other things from blizzards and other things from time
i know for a fact that sticks respawn but i want to know for other things so if i'm low in specific loot i can go back
stones? (so i can make trails of stones overtime)
i've heard some fir limbs and cedar limbs respawn. is that only the small ones with 3 wood each? is it only if close to a tree?
birch bark?
and i've heard the coal in mines, does the coal out near and in caves too? (or coal in mines not respawn after a while?), and is it only loose coal, not the coal in small crates in mines? and does the occasional loose scrap metal in mines respawn?

I know similar questions were asked years ago but I don't know if any changes since then effected anything.

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As far as I've seen, the following items will respawn over time:
Sticks (blizzards can possibly speed up respawns)
Branches (blizzards can possibly speed up respawns)
Limbs (proximity to trees doesn't appear to be a factor)
Coal in the caves (it does take several days, but inside caves stones and coal will eventually respawn)
Birch bark (will respawn most often near birch trees)

Of course, as you mentioned most items have a chance of washing up via beachcombing.


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Yes, all of those respawn (but not scrap metal and not large tree limbs). Coal in crates does not respawn (at least I haven't noticed it, would be weird if it did lol). There was a time where reclaimed wood respawned at Miner's Folly in Ash Canyon. I'm not sure if that was patched or if that is a feature. 

Large limbs do not respawn. But yes, the smaller ones with 3 wood do respawn. I presume you'd only ever find them where there are trees. 

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an update for this, i found a coal right at the start of the ravine when traveling from the mystery lake, i know that's not near a cave. would any coal found on the ground loose (so not in those small crates) respawn? or only the ones in the caves/mines?

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