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Forsaken airfield: So there are no residence buildings next to the airfield? Why?

Do I have to get out of forsaken airfield every time the glimmer fog hits?

Transfer Pass: Why so low on flares? You have to walk in darkness here.

Contamination zone: Are there no trailers here? Why not?


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20 hours ago, BugReportEnthusiast said:

Oh also: Spelunker's Lantern, my beloved. It burns much less fuel than normal. 1 Liter lasts you 6.66 hours with it instead of 4 
Very worth it searching around Timberwolf mountain's caves for it if you want to burn less fuel overall

❤️ speluker's. 

Also, there's a million flares in the region, enough imo to use some as light source to explore the mine.

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