Why is the lodge called mystery lake ?

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As Michi had theorized in the thread you mentioned (mentioning here just for the benefit of others):


I don't remember what context this was in, but I believe a location in the Broken Railroad region was described as being "on the outskirts of Mystery Lake Park" in a note that you can find in Wintermute. So presumably the Mystery Lake area encompasses not just Mystery Lake but also Forlorn Muskeg and Broken Railroad.

However, my theory:
I figured it's either that (mentioned above) or the Hunting Lodge was just simply named after the more renowned location (Mystery Lake) just for the sake of better name recognition (perhaps for folks/tourists that once upon a time came from the mainland).

That's the best I could come up with.  :D 


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Both make sense, thank you...  😊

I haven't read any of the notes in wintermute so I missed that info..    I can see broken being in the edge of a park though..  if the maintenance shed was added later.

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