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Sorry in advance for my English, I'm practicing

Under word "course item" I wanna say if it's that item which gives you bonus but give you dbuffo

For me is big problem is carry weigh,and I wanna add something like exoskeleton in stalker, which gives you +10-20 carry weight but you can't run. This exoskeleton may be the cart

(I'm sorry, I forgot about the stretcher added in the latest updates, I didn't have time to check it due to my obligations)


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5 minutes ago, JackTrysGames said:

I appreciate the constructive criticism, but I cannot understand what they just said at all.

They wanted more carry weight but forgot that the travois had just been added.... Well that's what I thought anyway..

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@moksich The travois does give you extra carry weight, with the debuff of slowed movement and limits on where you can use it.

There are other ways to increase your carry weight- the Well Fed buff gives you an additional 5kg carry weight, but you must not let your calorie stores hit 0 or you lose the extra weight carrying capacity. The mooeshide satchel gives you an additional 5kg of carrying weight if you equip it in a gear Accessory slot- you can only equip one and must either craft it or find the one in Hidden River Valley- it can take damage and must be repaired at times to maintain its functionality. And there is the Technical Backpack, which gives you an additional 5 kg of carry weight and auto-equips itself once you find it. It is a permanent increase in carry weight, cannot be damaged, and does not need to be equipped in a gear slot:

All 3 together will give you 15 kg of additional carry weight without needing to use the travois, and they do not interfere with your ability to climb or cross broken tracks like in Raven Falls Ravine, and they will not interfere with traveling through a narrow tunnel or climbing a steep slope. 

I agree that having an equipable exo-frame backpackers' frame might be nice, but we already have many ways to expand out maximum carry weight, and having used exo-frame systems while backpacking in the desert southwest of the US for many years- they are heavy, and limit your movement, are not quick to take off or put on, and the travois does the same thing with fewer drawbacks in the setting we are in in-game. (My opinion).

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