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A bayonet wood be cool to see for the Lee-Enfield and the bayonet could be multi-purpose and be used for a knief and on the gun it could be a spear for when that bear forgets to die and charges youimage.thumb.png.8e4899315e18aa0e270db4d83024530a.png

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Wouldn't do a thing. A bear spear's tip is fitted with a sort of crossguard, so that after the tip plunges in, the crossguard prevents it from punching clean through thus keeping the bear at bay. The long pole of the spear is intended to be braced against the ground or other steady object, such that the bear impales itself using its own energy, not your own.

A dagger at the end of a shoulder-mounted may as well just take another shot and hope for the best.

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On 3/30/2024 at 2:57 PM, JackTrysGames said:

Finally, a use for the rifles I keep finding. I never manage to find more than ten bullets, and can rarely if ever bring myself to carry them.


I'm gonna make some wolves regret existing.

i agree

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