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The exception being referred to would be that ruined food and ruined food ingredients (and these particular categories of items that go to ruined in the travois) placed into the travois would not disappear per the general "ruined item disappears when put into a container".  This might be helpful with use of Frontier Cooking given that so many ingredients have tended to get to ruined condition.  

The decay rate for meat and fish, cooked or raw, is a very short period (about 100 days for each state) compared to the normal 1,000 day decay line for most everything else (instituted when survival sandbox proved to be very popular).  So many people may have large amounts of ruined food (meat, fish, canned goods, etc.) that they dare not put into a travois to move them because they would disappear immediately.  Now if the devs implemented some food preservation mechanic that would lengthen the decay time line for preserved food to the normal 1,000 day line that would help.  

This exception, for this topic, would only apply to the travois storage and not any other general container... except for the Lost and Found containers if Lost and Found were ever to be executed again.  In this latter case, the player has no option as the Lost and Found program will gather up EVERYTHING and put them into a Lost and Found container which then destroys all ruined food items.  

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