Not enough batery ?


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It feels like The long dark don't have enough car batteries. 

well maybe that is because of my custom settings. baseline resource availability is at medium like stalker, but some modifiers are like interloper. So technically i can find every possible item, but items are quite scearce.

Anyway couple years ago i played  with similar setingsand there was lots of batteries, i scrape them in to led and make bullets.

Now everyone is using batteries to repair transmitter towers, and when all towers are repaired if you are lucky there is maybe some battery left to make into bullets, and a lot of gunpowder that's never going to be used.

So doing signal void is maybe worth it. but i'm so disappointed in desolation point. there was only one cache so i got couple flares and a flareshel. i could have made 36 bullets from that

so it feels like demand for battery has gone way up, but they are even less available than before. so i have couple ideas

1. In custom settings let player choose battery availability like low medium and high.
2. give us ability to scrap old battery that we take out from transmiter
3. let us take out good batery from working transmiter so that we can put it in to another or scrap

it would be good if we could do at least one of those

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This is an effect of having an item that has two very different uses, I guess. I don't think the balance has been done very well here. We have fewer batteries, and of the ones there are, 6 of them are used in transmitters so can't be scrapped for lead. Our need for lead is unchanged, therefore not enough lead now.

It breaks immersion a bit to have car batteries in such random places but not in cars. And putting them nearby or next to transmitters is sortof saying 'we didn't plan well enough for you to get a battery, so here's a battery'. Like putting a weapon you need to kill a boss in the room next to the boss. A bit too convenient and a bit condescending.

Completely agree with 2 and 3. I'd like to have a 'Car Battery (ruined)' which can't be used in transmitters, but can be scrapped for lead. Putting a working car battery into a transmitter should yield a ruined one. A certain proportion of batteries found should be ruined, so finding a working one is still a challenge.

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I recall when SV first came out, I made a post about lack of batteries (because on my longest run, I had scrapped ALL batteries and therefore couldn't complete SV).  In response, HL placed more free-placed batteries so I think this has been compensated for.

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