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  1. i think mending and tool smithing should influence crafting. In short tool smithing and mending skill determines how fast you craft and what is max quality you can make. i think it is bit op and wrong that you can make 100% quality dear skin boots with your first try. i propose mending skil cold determines max quality you can repair for example with level 1 you can get to 75% condition, and then 5% for every next level. similarly when crafting boots from deer skin, use mending skill to determine how long to craft and how good quality will be end product tool smithing cold determine quality of bow, arrows and improvised tools. finally i know some people don't like when devs simply make game harder, so to balance this, with high crafting level you cold craft a bit faster than before
  2. When i see back pack in trailer or those little plastic containers, im thinking why cant i take those containers and move to my base? Also allow us to moving around metal containers, so we can sort and organised our inventory, and dont have to make piles on ground. And yes at least metal box at forge wold be good idea.
  3. Yeah you are right about it is a game, and devs have limited time to spread on things they can program. just that i don't thing this is particularly hard thing to change. 1 pil == rose hip tea, and once you drink it cold apply to all pain sources acording to some formula.
  4. Sleep outside should be a possibility, but there could be drawback like possibility to get some cold related health problems if you dont have good enough clothing. Also there should be difference if you sleep on snow or ice, or indor on wooden floor. also sleeping outside should ruene your cloth more rapidly than in bed or in bedrool.
  5. More options is always good thing to have. Some time ago i play custom game, and change animal detection range to close, that way wolf was still a bit of three but at least manageable, and game was overall hard enough for me. Some time passed and now i try to play again on the same settings as before, but wolf sems to be way harder to deal with. so much so that ai switch to passive animal. i like to deal with bad weather and lack of items, i don't like to try to be wolf slayer 3000.
  6. Ht here. The way painkillers work is not very realistic. I got two accidents, sprained ankle and sprained wrist. Now i have 2 sources of pain. How can i drink a painkiller on top of one source while not affecting other? and even worst i have option to "drink" rose hip tea on top of sprain ankle or on top of actual pain source. how does it make sense? if painkiller wold be a cream that i apply then ok. it wold make sence where i use it, but tea? Rely applying tea or painkillers on sprain ankle does not affect my two pain sources. I just drink a tea. it should apply to whole body. how does it make sense? Ok that's enough, you get the picture. Its not game braking, but could be better. do you agree?
  7. Having lots of options in custom game is really good and all, but there is only two options about wolves and other aggressive animals. they hunt me or run away from me like a chicken. i would like option where wolf ignore me not run away. and wolves should always defend their meat. then i realise that turning passive animals to NO and turning animal detection range all the way down would be something like that, but then all passive animals would be to easy to get so how about separate slider for passive and aggressive animals and include really close detection range. ah and what's up with not be able to copy share code from custom game? i have to write it down symbol by symbol
  8. Looks like there is enough people that would like to customize some of sandbox starting condition for instance right now you either have lot of loot and too easy game on pilgrim, or bit too much wolves in harder difficulty
  9. Long dark is one of the best games out there. Couple alfas ago, i did play it alot on easiest difficulty settings. and i have to say, it is almost impossible to die of starvation. because free deer meet was all around. as i was exploring mystery lake wolf was killing deers left and right. I dont have much problems of wolves doing that, but it makes game to easy, and it removes need to explore other regions for food. You may say, to me to just play on harder difficulty, and i did try. But then so much wolf all around me make this game so stressful to play, it was to hard for me. What i really want is difficulty level where wolves do not chase me, and more or less leave me alone as long as i leave them alone, but no free meals. for example when i go to close to wolf, only then they become aggressive. that would be way harder than pilgrim but lot easier and less stressful than voyageur also in any difficulty, i would like if wolves would eat lot slower, in a way that some of meat would freeze if there is only one wolf eating it. and wolves can't eat meat once it is frozen