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  1. Having lots of options in custom game is really good and all, but there is only two options about wolves and other aggressive animals. they hunt me or run away from me like a chicken. i would like option where wolf ignore me not run away. and wolves should always defend their meat. then i realise that turning passive animals to NO and turning animal detection range all the way down would be something like that, but then all passive animals would be to easy to get so how about separate slider for passive and aggressive animals and include really close detection range. ah and what's up with not be able to copy share code from custom game? i have to write it down symbol by symbol
  2. Looks like there is enough people that would like to customize some of sandbox starting condition for instance right now you either have lot of loot and too easy game on pilgrim, or bit too much wolves in harder difficulty
  3. Long dark is one of the best games out there. Couple alfas ago, i did play it alot on easiest difficulty settings. and i have to say, it is almost impossible to die of starvation. because free deer meet was all around. as i was exploring mystery lake wolf was killing deers left and right. I dont have much problems of wolves doing that, but it makes game to easy, and it removes need to explore other regions for food. You may say, to me to just play on harder difficulty, and i did try. But then so much wolf all around me make this game so stressful to play, it was to hard for me. What i really want is difficulty level where wolves do not chase me, and more or less leave me alone as long as i leave them alone, but no free meals. for example when i go to close to wolf, only then they become aggressive. that would be way harder than pilgrim but lot easier and less stressful than voyageur also in any difficulty, i would like if wolves would eat lot slower, in a way that some of meat would freeze if there is only one wolf eating it. and wolves can't eat meat once it is frozen