V.217 "Old" Progress bars gone


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V.217 "Old" progress bars gone

[bBvideo 560,340:2g44apah]


I don't know exactly how I triggered this, but what I did immediatly before this bug was triggered was

- Set the HUD from "normal" to "disable", and then back to "normal" again without leaving the options menu

- Entered the cave behind the camp office (exit camp office to the side exit, turn immediatly left into lake trails, go right into the cave, find dead guy) and loot the dead guy from a far/max.? distance, if this has anything to do with it (Difference range checks for displaying the UI and for triggering the searching?)

While I searching that dead guy the progress bar for searching was not displayed. All of the following actions had no progress bar anymore, until I started the client (I tried quitting to main menu, and reloading the game, still the same bug):

Searching NPCs & containers, harvesting reeds, starting fire, opening ice, fishing, eating & drinking, turning on the lamp.

However some actions were not affected and still had a progress bar, like Cooking

So basically everything uses the "old" progress bar (top center of the screen) had no progress bar, but actions using the "new" progressbar where the background is displayed with depth of field effect (like cooking), did.

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YEs! I had the same issue )

To be honest, i thought, it was by design, and i liked it, when there were no bars.

But something need to do with this, because without any information about how is it going looks strange. Hero just frozen and a screen dimm a little.

It was on ver 215 one time.

Next start of the game (load save) was on V 217, and bar returned.

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I might have turned it lower for a brief moment, but than back up again to 90 before closing the menu again! I entered it in the first place to increase it to like 115. Also i think i briefly changed from fullscreen to window mode and then back again.

On a related note, when switching to window mode, the window is displayed inbetween two monitors. This is a bit awkward, if you have different resolutions / sizes on the panels like i do:


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