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  1. Sorry if I missed this but when does this patch actually hit? Later today? *wink wink* Out of curiosity do you guys use the agile method for developing this game? I work in web design and your approach to laying a strong foundation with incremental improvements strikes me as very "agile" feeling.
  2. Just an FYI guys, when I try to share this story on Facebook the link won't work. The url I share is this: But when clicked users end up here instead: Great update btw!
  3. Technically this video is still on Twitch. I'll try to find time to convert it to youtube this evening.
  4. I struggle to understand the negativity directed toward Hinterland regarding their community engagement / communication efforts. I think Hinterland has been extremely engaged and I have often remarked (while streaming on Twitch) how the community surrounding this game is one of the best I've ever been a part of. To be completely honest I think these complaints amount to end users feeling they are entitled to know the ins and outs of every decision the company is making in order to complete the game. No studio on the planet works that way because if they did they would never get anything done. When you purchase an early access title you have purchased just that - early access. You aren't buying a seat on the board of directors so you can get the inside scoop or debate every choice being made. Also, I've seen at least a dozen wishlist items from the community end up in game in some form or another so our feedback definitely matters. This is a great game, a great community and a great company. Focus on the positive folks.
  5. I've logged more hours playing and have derived more enjoyment from this game in its current unfinished state than 90% of the games I've purchased over the last 6-7 years. There are still companies out there that do free betas. Generally speaking these are established companies with large sums of money on hand which they've either accumulated from previous releases or acquired from various investors. When it comes to investors this money covers the cost of development and testing up until release with the hope that when the game ships they'll be able to repay those investors. Unfortunately this model comes with strings attached as often times those investors try to direct the vision for the game the way they see fit. It is their money after all. The Long Dark has been funded by the community. Each of us who bought this early release title or contributed to the Kickstarter did so because we liked the vision Hinterland set forth and we wanted to help it manifest without some large investor hijacking the project. Don't like it? Don't buy it. The vast majority of people who've contributed to this project are more than happy with their decision to do so.
  6. Hey everyone. Rendhammer has only been playing TLD for an hour. Go check out his stream!
  7. Please keep in mind that right now what you're playing is not "the game" but merely a sandbox for testing game mechanics. Story mode will almost certainly give the player more purpose in their actions. I think that would be wonderful!
  8. Thanks Tarling! Just wanted to be sure this tidbit of player feedback found its way here even though she wasn't aware of these forums.
  9. I was watching play The Long Dark today using the Xbox controller and she was having a REALLY hard time figuring out how to light the lantern once she had it out. It wasn't very intuitive for her. I told her I would pass that feedback along to the forums. Maybe add some help text when using a controller for input to help people figure out how to use items once equipped.
  10. A short bit of exploration in Pleasant Valley leads to the discovery of the way back to Mystery Lake, a decision to "make the loop" and an encounter with a gang of hungry wolves. Somehow this leads to a discussion about my bald head. Hosted via Twitch Highlights (language warning)
  11. After hunting bears at the small fishing village in Coastal Highway for months word must have gotten around. The bear clans apparently came together to chose a warrior of their own and sent him after me. As I attempted to leave the cabins to complete my run of "the loop" (Pleasant Valley -> Mystery Lake -> Coastal Highway -> Pleasant Valley) he was waiting for me... Hosted via Twitch Highlights (language warning)