Can we please get a timberwolf pelt and some crafting options?


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With all the recent enhancements, maybe now is the time to update the wolf pelts and give the players an actual light colored timberwolf pelt and the options to craft clothing using only timberwolf pelts.  Give me those color variances in wolf pelts so I can distinguish between a regular wolf pelt and a timberwolf pelt if both were to be laying on the ground side by side.  

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Personally I think all animal skins should be usable for all slots. The way this would work:

Each animal skin is so many m2

you require so many m2 of skin to make x item

therefor, for example, you need to skin one bear, one deer, two dogs, or twenty rabbits to make pants.


each animal can have its own properties, rabbit can be +10C/m2, +5C wind/m2, 2kg/m2, etc etc


You could even make a patchwork of left over stuff, and the properties just average out. So if you have 10 rabbit skins and half a bear skin left the pants make from that would just be the combined amount.


Of course this would take an overhaul of how they decided to do things since TLD uses strict individual recipes instead of an overall system. In the current way it would be infinite combinations they would have to make which is how you end up with 85g of oats you cannot eat.

Anyways, all of this stuff can be for mods to take care of once they finish the game.

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