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1. Wolves reacting differently to decoys. If I remember correctly, if you dropped a decoy the wolf would eat it on the spot. Now the wolf will just pick it up and run away. Plus, when putting a carcass, meat, or guts on the ground, is there a chance that a wolf will just come take it if they were close enough.

2. Snares no longer break. I started a stalker run recently and I have not had any snares break. Not a single one. Definitely NOT complaining.

3. More maple saplings BUT less birch saplings. I understand that HL added more maple because of the travois, but I've stumbled on one lonely birch sapling several times now. Are there less birch saplings in the game?

4. Scent. If I'm carrying 1 piece of cooked meat wolves will come barreling right towards me. In the past, I know that this was an issue with bear meat, but now it seems to be happening with all cooked meat. 

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On 1/11/2024 at 4:59 PM, nautofon said:

I've lived off rabbits for a bit recently and experienced snares breaking, though far fewer than I had expected. Maybe fewer because it was a Pilgrim run, or I just got lucky.

I spent a bunch of time in Mountain Town and Mystery Lake and that entire time not a single snare broke. In Mountain Town I even had 8 snares going at one time. (4 behind the church and 4 up the road at the rabbit grove) 

As soon as I started using snares anywhere else, they started to break. Even then it was just a few.  

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