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Hi, I'm Agata, or Yimnam. I'm from Poland. I'm playing for long time, but my file with screenshots have become so big that I had to share it, so here I am!
Wild forest beast at heart, sadly born in big city, desiring freedom and simplicity of wilderness. (Now living in much smaller and greener city and not going to stop here ❤️ ) Apart of games I love climbing, survival, sailing and basically every form of activity that makes me feel stronger and closer to nature. 
Winters in my country are grey, warm and dark since I was a kid. I still remember true winters with snow, sledding and frost biting cheeks and fingers, but it becomes far memory with every passing year. When long dark comes it's good to have some snow at least here. This game have become warm campfire helping me survive dark winters of reality.

I was looking for some general thread for screenshots but I didn't find it. I would be grateful for help. 
How I love those green sunsets.




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Welcome to the forum 😊

I know what you mean about the winter weather..it's the same here..  (east UK). I haven't seen a white December in a long time...except in tld😁

There is a page for screenshots. But I cant do links I'm afraid, it's on the  fan fiction section... It's called screenshots for screenshot Saturdays..

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