Fire starting with a hammer (and a piece of steel)


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Watched Blue Eye Samurai episode 1 and didn't know that by hammering the end of a steel tool  that part can become hot enough to light incense or tinder.  Seems like kind of common enough knowledge among people who work metal but I certainly didn't know that.  

Heavy hammer and a piece of steel (probably, for game purposes, forged piece of steel or maybe the improvised knife/hatchet and with a condition cost for the tool) and tinder.  Not a quick method but maybe just the thing to justify toting that heavy hammer around for more than forging or breaking up planks, pallets, furniture, and crates.  Tinder should be a requirement (an alternative fire starting that negates the "no tinder required" benefit, if one wanted to use it).  

More involved that flint and steel or a fire stick in terms of implementation but a thought.  

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