Foreman's Tool Belt

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So this was a nice prize to "win" however it seems kind of useless to me. We need more slots for specialty items like this and the crampons. I mean how does wearing crampons affect me using a rifle holster or belt? I get the devs don't want us too OP and able to carry unrealistic weight, and the present weigh limits are MORE than reasonable, but if you are gonna give me an award for finishing a task, then at least make it something I will use?? Also the travois makes all of them less impactful, IMHO. Maybe add slots for feet and body so I can wear the crampons and use two of the weight allowance items? I have the technical backpack, travois, the moose satchel, the rifle holster, and now the belt that all give me some sort of weight allowance. Of the latter three, I can only use 1 or 2 of them at a time and I have the crampons competing with those three for 2 slots. I get the game is about choices, and having them is better than not, but I for one would like to have my crampons no matter what and I think that is reasonable given the other parameters the devs are balancing (esp. at lower difficulty levels). And, instead of giving me another weight balancing item I cannot really use, how about something neat I can use? I am thinking a scope for the rifle would be fantastic. Or perhaps gloves that are both extremely warm AND tough. Or snow shoes that let me walk and run faster. Or a hoist that allows me to get weight up and down a cliff face. Maybe some dynamite which could open up new game aspects that currently don't exist?


I really like the way this game has evolved over time, and I used to never play Survival but the devs have made that very enjoyable and I rarely think about Wintermute anymore because of the Tails and the way the game has changed. I like the new challenges, some of which I did not like at first (like the poisoned wolves or glitter fog) but slowly have adapted my game play to these new challenges and it (I have to admit) does make the game more fun with added challenges.

Happy Holidays all!

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Yep. It does not make sense to have to choose between crampons and a tool belt, or headband, or holster, or satchel. It would make more sense if there was a separate slot for crampons, for the holster, for the satchel and for the tool belt. I just found the tool belt, but since it is either/or I will never get to use it.

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I've found the belt an excellent item while the travois almost useless for me. At higher levels of difficulties you want to move fast , being able to sprint when in danger and have the ability to carry those kgs more without slowing down. The belt does all that. 

The crampons can be easily worn when you need them (but i agree that one "special" item should not exclude another)

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