Craftable wall mounted lanterns

sierra 117

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So we fist saw these in story mode in Blackrock, and now we have them in survival mode as well.

I would like to be able to craft these when we get base/safe house  customisation.

Would be OP If they are infinite like they work in Langstone mine.

Therefore I think it would be a good idea to require us to fill it up with lamp oil and when filled can last for up to 24 hrs on a full tank(or however long hinterland thinks would be fair)

And obviously be able to turn it on or off when leaving on a long journey.

What do you all think?

Good addition or too OP?

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3 hours ago, hozz1235 said:

I don't see it being practical to be able to craft them - way too many complex materials/parts.

I would like to be able to detach (and reattach) them from their wall mount and have them function as a normal lantern.

Yeah that's a point, speaking of normal lanterns though. 

That's not a bad idea ,we could have a lantern be attachable to some kind of wall mounted shelf with extra fuel capacity.

Not sure what we could use for a makeshift /craftable one 🤔

Maybe some recycled cans with a longer wick or something. 

Or  just sacrifice a spare lantern for the crafting process.

Even if its just a basic old school style of oil lamp.(like the pre industrial type, can't think of the name)

I'm just really hoping we get some kind of longer lasting lightsource once we get base customisation.

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There has been talk about an additional light source that could exist indoors. Like a candle or something. Though it's generally cheaper just to make a torch compared to an improvise lantern. Maybe there could be a functionality to place the torches onto a wall to act as a wall mount light source. You can also find other lanterns on the map and place them down in your shelter. They can act as a indoor light source instead of using your standard light sources. Only problem is the limited lantern oil available. Sure you can go fishing and get some fish oil, but that's a pretty grindy process. Also I don't think staying in 1 place for weeks is considered a fun experience in a survival game. I suspect the next update will contain the customizable bunker that was promised so we'll see what happens.

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