ZOC -- Corpses Disappearing/Reappearing??


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Wanted to post here before I submitted a ticket, just in case I'm imagining things.

In the new ZoC -- I've had several instances of corpses disappearing when re-entering a building or area that I'd previously searched. One was in the smallest building of the concentrator complex -- by the red tank on the main floor. Two others in the outbuildings behind this area. I also had a corpse appear in the largest building, on the 2nd floor by the lockers, after I'd been in and out of there many times. I swear he wasn't there before, because I put a bunch of extra clothing in the 1st locker, and he was not there when I did that, because I try to avoid stepping on/over corpses. 

Has anyone else had this happen? ... it's kind of creeping me out 👻

(X-Box 1S - Pilgrim)

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