Barbs gun glitch


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I've been gradually working my way up in difficulty. I'm at pilgrim right now and went Mystery Lake looking for a rifle but couldn't find one. Then I went to the Coastal Highway. In the garage there was Barbs rifle at 86%. Cleaned it up, got a good supply up meat stored. Went out exploring and when I came back, there was Barb's Rifle again at 86%. Picked it up and set it aside. Went out exploring again, come back to  Barb's Rifle number 3 at 86%. If I keep it up I'll be able to supply a small army. 😆

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I happened upon a similar situation with a regular hunting rifle - I had installed the DLC after starting that run and had been to CH without it before, so the rifle that would have been Barb's was just a regular one. Picked it up and it just stayed right there leaning against the wall, so I clicked it again, and again, and then checked my inventory to see I was now the proud owner of three hunting rifles.

I literally could have just kept clicking it forever I think and I would have for sure been able to supply an army, and not just a small one.

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45 minutes ago, SuperStriker16 said:

Near unlimited lead scrap, good for ammo, but that would be very heavy.

I just stashed them in the garage for now anyway. I'm a bow hunter usually, and this playthrough is the first time I've ever mastered any of the gun skills (rifle & gunsmithing - revolver still has a little to go), and the first time I've ever crafted any rounds too, so I've really only barely started harvesting lead so far (only about 3 or 4 batteries from the Penitentiary grounds). I feel a bit weird about harvesting the batteries in the garage cuz it's kinda exploiting a glitch, but if this run lasts I'll probably end up breaking them down eventually. If only for the sake of a wee busymaking project.  ^_^

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