A Few Quality Of Life Suggestions


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(Please note: I am playing on the PS4 version of the game, and have not bought the DLC yet. So maybe in other versions, or with the expansion you already have these things.) 

Allow lamp oil cans to be added to Jerry Cans to consolidate inventory

Likewise a quiver for arrows so they aren't spread out throughout all the other gear in the bag

cheat commands on console: I just want to be able to put on moveobjects true and straighten out my cans and water bottles on the rickety metal shelves without it turning red because the shelf is uneven. or turn up or down the brightness like you can in Storymode. 

binoculars. I've got very poor eyesight, being able to zoom in on the trail ahead to make sure no dogs, bears or wolves (Or very random moose) are about would help. 

A bear trap. 

The ability to change the shape, size, color, of the reticle on my screen so I can see it better, white on white is horrible. (I want the option for it to be a wolf paw <3)    

some indicator on the map of my current location. Currently I can only check in survival mode by using a charcoal piece to survey. Again, in Wintermute I believe there is some decal on map like an arrow or circle to show where you are. (Like the reticle it would be nice if you could customize these even just in size or color to be easier to see,) 

** ability to make fresh rabbit hides into cured leather: we'd need a knife or axe to scrape the fur off (Fur fluff could be used to start fires or stuff clothing or such like the ptarmigan down.) and we'd need to build a wooden frame for drying it on, (sticks/reclaimed wood and guts) then it would take time to dry.  

That's all I can think of for right now. Loving the game so far, I do want to get the DLC, maybe after Christmas when my money's not tied up, keep up the great work, cant wait for ch 5 of the story mode (I've been watching playthroughs of it, only just started ch 1 myself last night.) 


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more ideas, more typos
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So they are actually adding base customisation to the game, here's hoping it's intricate enough to change everything! (DLC)

As for lamp oil and arrows, they have to be separated because they all have their own durability (100% durability arrows will stack tho).

Binocs, or a scope to put on the rifle. But I could take it or leave it.

No indicators will ever be on the map, hinterland is firm on the whole being lost is apart of the experience, and I'd agree, its rewarding to learn how it all connects.

Pelts breaking down into leather is another thing i could take or leave, I tend not to use leather a lot anyway.

Enjoy the story mode! Chapter 3 is my favorite 


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1.  I would love for lantern oil to behave more like water - existing in only one container when in your inventory, but able to be dropped in amounts that produce either jerry cans or the smaller containers.  This would require that lantern fuel is always at 100% condition, rather than the variations that currently exist.

2. I agree with @JerimiahSettle, the reason they don't stack is variations in condition, which cannot be eliminated as suggested for the lantern oil.

3. I would love to be able to "clean" interiors, preferably without needing console commands to do so.

4. I would prefer a scope on the rifle (but only because I prefer to use a rifle).  Of course, a scope would not work with bows, so binoculars would do nicely.

5.  Due to the public's general distaste for leg-hold traps IRL, I doubt HL will ever add one to the game.

6.  Would be nice to at least select a recticle that is more visible.

7.  The lack of a filled in map or a locator on the map is intentional.  I would like to see them add a proper aviator's map as part of Will's equipment (just to give people the challenge of learning how to read them).  Still, I doubt they'll do that either.

8.  As scarce as leather seems to be, I've never felt that I've been close to running out of it.  It doesn't have a huge amount of uses in the game and harvesting unwanted shoes and boots provides enough to make repairs as needed.  Some people are anticipating that hides might be something we could trade with the trader for other "luxury" goods.


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I've always felt like the map kind of sucked. I do much better scrawling basic maps on birch bark when on backpacking treks IRL. However, it could be a better idea to unlock a better map once you attain the Faithful Cartographer achievement.


Having said all that, I find the map pretty useless once one has memorized the world, as most of us do after a certain number of days per region anyway.


Lantern fuel shouldn't degrade; at minimum, full unused containers should be fine for years. I have containers of fuel on rotation here, I use them after 5 years & replace with new. They always work just fine in my old Coleman stove.

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Some More:

Water Jugs: If you drop 10/20 gal of water at once, instead of little bottles an actual jug is dropped, this way there aren't thousands of bottles when you drop large batches. (Obviously anything bellow 10 or 20 gal dropped would still be separated into the smaller bottles.) when the jugs are grabbed you could choose how much water to take, and if the water remaining is less than 10/20 it would be split into smaller bottles.  

Craftable Candles: Using the abundant tin cans we find/get and some lantern oil. The wicks for the candles could be made with cat tails or cured leather cut into strips. (thus giving those items more use.)  this for some longer lasting stationary light sources for bases. Cause indoors is so dark 24/7. ((And because there's currently and endless supply of tin cans that they won't allow me to scrap that would be better served being candles then cluttering the corner of my base.)) 

Craftable Sleep Mats: for if you can't find a bed or sleeping bag. maybe you could weave cattail reeds or grass into mats. It wouldn't really provide much warmth, but would at least allow one to sleep. There are certain starts or self-imposed challenges (Like Zaknafein's Outerloper) where being able to make a sleeping mat from the start would have helped immensely.

Tackle Boxes: Again like the adding lantern fuel tins to jerry cans, or arrows to quivers, this is to tidy up bag clutter, so that I don't have to scroll down past dozens of fishing tackle to find my stuff. They could re use the model for the tool boxes, just recolor it and add a fish decal. 




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Please let us paint the Travois. Even if it doesn't show up on the map, I don't care, I'm just so sick of loosing it in low light conditions. 

I tried to make an orange mark on it, so I'd be able to see it. It seemed to work, but when I looked later after stopping traveling, the mark was gone. 

Please just let it stay. 




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