By the lantern, wrapped in Furs. [Art piece]

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"...there is an animal that walks like a man, looks like a man and talks like a man. But is it a man?"

I know there really isn't character customization, and that would be nifty to have but then I realized. Wait I can just draw a character of my own so I did... And never posted anything about it until I looked back about two years later and decided. WELP Gonna remake this character. So this is James, inspired heavily by Jeremiah now in this rework. Wanting him to slip into the more primal elements, making himself a beast among the snow with the headdress. It is a cougar's head with small antlers attached but one broke off and bla bla bla. Anyway I am proud of how this came out and how I have improved since the last time I posted art on here.


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