Cooking 5, Food poisoned and parasite risk 70%


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  • gmotagi changed the title to Cooking 5, Food poisoned and parasite risk 70%

70% is about right for intestinal parasites risk for consuming raw wolf or bear meat.  Food poisoning hitting right away also sounds right as food poisoning has no time delay at the time of consuming raw meat.  Level 5 cooking immunity to food poisoning and intestinal parasites applies to cooked food.  

Going through the radial menu, there would be a "do you want to eat this raw meat" warning message as applicable.  That was added because the difference between LMB (eat/ drink it now) and RMB (begin the place it mechanic) was too narrow and even pretty careful players could easily make a mistake.  It saved me a few times.  

Eating from inventory does not have a warning for the act is way more deliberate and if the character is not careful about what is clicked on (or double clicked) then they get the effects (and I have done this on an occasion or two).  

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