Recent Experience with 'Roided-Out Wildlife.

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I recently reinstalled TLD simply to play the Dark Walker challenge ('tis the season, after all). A year or two ago when I played it last, I managed to snag the Deadly Dreamer badge before having my soul dragged into atomic chaos. Anyway, this time around I was not expecting to win either (especially considering my unfamiliarity with the newer maps), just have a good time running myself ragged from the Wendigo as envisioned by Lovecraft. Well, I've tried four runs so far, and I''ve died every single time as a direct result of damage taken from (always) multiple wildlife attacks. Every time. The bears and the moose beat you down immediately after you get up. The wolves tag team you. Every wildlife encounter is basically a death-sentence. I don't remember the animals being this aggressive and omnipresent.

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The moose got Kev again. He is currently on high doses of rose hip tea and is unable to coordinate his hands to type at the moment. 

In all seriousness, you need to crouch away immediately after a bear/moose attack. If they detect you again they're just gonna repeat the cycle all over. Regarding wolf behaviour, a few updates ago they did change the way the pack deals with the player, beforehand if a wolf was stalking you the rest of the pack would scare off into the distance for quite some time. Nowadays they always scare off a short distance and are in pursuit again shortly, need to stock up on ammo/arrows and be a sure shot ( or use the revolver ) to fend them off. It's not pack behaviour quite like the T-wolves have, but it's a bit scary dealing with 4-5 wolves at once. 

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