Bringing Challenges to Survival Mode


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Challenges are very old code wise. They tend to have the most code debt and it shows when attempting to use mods with them (some are buggy others outright dont work). So it would be nice to bring them to survival mode. Most of them can be brought into survival with minimal changes.

Challenges may need some form of explicit trigger. Each challenge trigger would be unique since each challenge is unique.

Hopeless Rescue

This would require only minimal changes, perhaps with adding a tracking property to the assigned flare gun so you are required to not only acquire that exact spawn of it but also use it.

The trigger for this could be as simple as picking up that flare gun.

The Hunted

This would be the most difficult to bring to survival mode. Triggering it would be hard since it doesnt really have much in the way of backstory yet. The start (by being mauled by the old bear) would need to be entirely redone. 


No real changes needed to make this work. Other than giving the nor'easter a proper duration.

The trigger for this could just be a random chance, which the player would have the option to turn off.


Even less is needed to make this work, since you only need to stay in the required locations for 3 days.

This one wouldnt need a trigger


This could be made even longer by requiring the player to get all the buffer memories, instead of just one per location. HL could also add more of them to more computers and more regions.

This one wouldnt need a trigger

As the Dead Sleep

This is just about getting to 5 graves. Nothing much else to it.

This one wouldnt need a trigger

Escape the Darkwalker

Adding this to survival mode would be hard, but could allow HL to add even more lore to it. 

The trigger for this could be some form of spawning ritual, potentially tied to the TFTFT story line in some manner. Basically spawning it or just simply attracting it to you in order to eventually permanently banish it. Would allow for the Darkwalker to be fully fleshed out

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